A Hiking Treat

Hello, hello! I know it has been quite a while since I have last posted here! There has been a lot happening these past few weeks and I needed to take a little break because of it all. I will talk about it more later this week hopefully, but for now, here is a look at a recent hike we took!hike-chewy-2
Living on the SF Peninsula, we are pretty fortunate to have both the ocean and the bay near by. It is a luxury I definitely feel like I take for granted sometimes! When we can, we try to take advantage of all that the Peninsula and Bay Area has to offer, especially hiking trails! There are so many different parks and trails to choose from, and I like to try new ones out when we can.  hike-chewy-3
Last weekend, we were blessed with some pretty wonderful summer weather, so we decided to make the most of the beautiful Saturday morning and find a new place for a hike. I remembered a place I had driven by several times and had been wanting to check out, so we headed there! One thing I enjoyed about this particular trail was that we got to enjoy the quiet hills around us while also getting a lovely ocean view.hike-chewy-5hike-chewy-6
Marly is such a good little hiker. He absolutely loves going for any walk, but especially enjoys when we take a drive to a place we can take a longer walk and where he can be free to roam off leash. It's always nice for him to get to let loose and adventure! Plus, I know it is good to keep him active and we don't always have time during the week to talk him as much as we should, so I try to give him something a little extra on the weekends.hike-chewy-7hike-chewy-8
What's a hike without a snack stop?! Dai and I just munched on some rosemary roasted almonds, but Marly really lucked out on this adventure with some yummy Nature's Recipe treats from Chewy! Chewy is an online retail store that specializes in selling numerous cat and dog food brands, as well as toys and other pet supplies. It is nice to have one go-to site that can quickly accommodate all the needs I have for my boy! hike-chewy-9
He absolutely loved these lamb flavored dog-approved nuggets and couldn't get enough of them! Marly can sometimes be finicky about the kinds of treats that he likes. He enjoys the flavors of most, but is not always a fan of the texture/hardness. Whenever I give him biscuit type treats, he generally just ends up hunting for a spot around the house to hide it for later (which he will forget about and will never return for). It is really quite cute to see him spend 10 minutes or so walking around the house, crying, with a treat in his mouth while he looks for just the perfect spot. It usually ends up in a corner behind some wires or between couch cushions ;)hike-chewy-10
As entertaining as that routine is for me to witness, it doesn't actually make for a very good treat for him! When we got the opportunity to test out some products from Chewy, I knew that I wanted to get a new type of treat for Marly to enjoy. I chose these Nature's Recipe Oven Baked Lamb Recipe Chewy Treats because just from the name of them, I knew they would be perfect for my pup. They really do have just the right amount of softness to them and Marly Boy just gobbles them up.hike-chewy-11
These particular treats are actually pretty nice for training as well, since you can easily break them up into smaller pieces as little rewards for listening to commands. That way, you can get some training practice in and keep the treats comin' for your pup, without over-feeding him too many. I try to have Marly brush up on his basic commands every once in a while and even teach him new things, like "shake," which he recently picked up! Who said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?! Marly is only 10 though, which no matter what anyone says, is definitely not old! :) (I don't want to talk about it...)hike-chewy-12hike-chewy-13
As we are officially in summer weather now, I am really looking forward to taking more hikes and long walks! It is always good for us to get some exercise and I love being able to do it with my precious pup.

Big thanks to Chewy for sending us the perfect treat to take along on the go! Marly definitely appreciates it and loved getting something for himself in the mail!

Do you like hiking? What snacks do you usually bring along for yourself and your pup if you have one?

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.

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