We went to a gloomy and misty Off the Grid at Fort Mason in the city on Friday night. There were a lot more people than I like, but it was still a fun time. Food truck events have been so popular lately. You see them everywhere in the city these days. There was a live band and some dancing, as well as 30+ vendors. We got some Korean BBQ (meh), tamales (pretty good), and fish tacos (best). Found some cool places, like a creme brûlée stand (WOW!), a kettle corn place that sold horchata flavored kettle corn (wish I bought some), mexican-asian fusion trucks, and of course a cupcake truck. What a wonderful place for a dog, let me tell you! Marly spent the entire evening with his nose stuck to the floor, scavenging for whatever he could find. He was definitely a happy camper. Good times were had by all. By the end, I felt a little damp and moist, and like my hair had gotten all frizzy. Not ideal weather. Typical SF.

What's your favorite item at food truck events?