Life Snippets

Hi! So, I see these little "life lately" type posts everywhere, but I really love the way Miss Emily of EmmyJake does hers. So, thanks for that inspiration, Emily! Anyway, here is a post of random things that have happened in my life lately and also a place for the random photos I take with my phone.
+ On Saturday morning, Dai dragged me to a TimBuk2 warehouse sale in the city, but it was pretty packed and by the time we got in everything had been picked over. Had to take a tired-eyed, makeup-less selfie while waiting in line though, of course.
+ The sky after all this rain! I just love it. I made the girls I nanny get out and go for a walk with me the other day so we could enjoy the stormy sky.
+ I snuck Marly into the room I'm renting when no one was home so he could see where I live and lay on the familiar bed and sniff all the familiar things that he hasn't seen since staying with Dai. I definitely put him in a reusable grocery bag to smuggle him in, even though it is pointless because he is too big and his little head sticks out.happy-3
+ Marly in his Christmas finest. OMG.
+ Rainy day tucked away indoors with the Christmas tree on and Gilmore Girls going.
+ Expensive hipster food that I will not buy again. Meh. It was nothing too special.
+ Someone caught us fast asleep and cuddling.
+ Coffee was necessary today since I only slept for 3 hours. I do it to myself of course, but I guess that's just how my creative mind functions, by doing projects at the last moment. My teacher loved my final project though, so that's good! In other news, I think I may be over iced coffee for a while. I spoiled myself this fall by making a habit of adding pumpkin spice syrup to it, so going back to just half & half with two Splenda is depressing and gross.
+ I'm not ashamed of how many photos there are of my dog in this post. I mean, look at him?happy-2
+ On Sunday, Dai discovered that this pizza place that just opened nearby was offering a free pizza to each person that 'liked' their FB page. So, there is my free pizza masterpiece.
+ I love wrapping gifts! I haven't even reached that "ugh I'm so over wrapping" phase yet, so everything is good. I think I have a lot more in me.
+ More rainy day scenes. I really really really love our Christmas tree and always turn it on as soon as I get to Dai's house. For some reason he never turns it on just for himself because he is convinced it is a waste of electricity haha and asks me "Do you really need to turn the tree on?" Hey, we only have 1 month a year to enjoy it, so you bet I will turn it on whenever I can!

+ I am so happy to be officially finished with school for the semester! I definitely had a lot of work to do to finish up, but I made it!
+ I think I need some pampering. I have a certificate for a facial that I am going to try to redeem and I want to try doing a coconut oil mask on my hair. I just want a nice hot bath too! And warm PJs.
+ Today I started thinking about going brunette. I don't really know why, but I figured it might be a fun change. Plus, I really love how blue eyes pop with brunette hair. We shall see... I am too cheap to have it done, so I would have to ask a friend who knows what they or doing. Or one of my sisters... Stacy, what do you think?
+ The Michael Bublè Christmas special is on tonight!!! So with that, I must go now...

Stay warm, friends!


Our Christmas Cards + DIY Cards on a Budget

diy christmas cards
December is just flying by, isn't it? My last day of school is tomorrow and Christmas is already next week! Pretty crazy. Every year I think about sending out Christmas cards, but have always gotten a late start and pushed it to the wayside because of everything else I have had going on. Not this year though! This year I was determined to complete this goal.
After researching different sites to order my Christmas card through, I quickly realized that they were more expensive than I had thought and that the cards in the price range I would possibly be willing to pay were ugly. They were nothing special and I felt that I could design something much better. So that's what I did! diy-christmas-cards-2
I considered designing my own card and having it printed through Shutterfly, but that route ended up being more expensive than choosing one of their predesigned cards, which I definitely wasn't into!
Instead, I decided to design my card in Photoshop to be 5x7 inches and had it printed at Costco as a regular matte image. I then cut 5x7 inch pieces of card stock paper out and glued each image to a piece of card stock. This way the entire card itself was thicker and I could also write a personal note on the back of each card.diy-christmas-cards-4
As a personal touch to my design, I actually wrote out the "Merry Christmas" on paper with a marker, scanned it in to my computer, and made it a white, workable layer Photoshop. This is probably my favorite part of the card! I also love the photos of Marly and me that Dai took! We just went to a Christmas tree lot, but I think that the greenery was a nice, festive background for our photos :)diy-christmas-cards-5
I am so happy with how these DIY cards turned out and think it is a great way to get beautiful, unique cards on a budget! #brokecollegestudent

Cost Breakdown:
+ 40 5x7" printed photos - $15.50
+ 20 8.5x11" sheets cardstock paper - already had
+ Glue
Total Cost for 40 cards: $15.60

Even though it takes time to cut the card stock paper and to glue each photo, that price is definitely well worth it to me!

Now, I just need to finish writing out little notes and actually send them off before Christmas ;)

Do you send out Christmas cards? How do you do it?


VIDEO // Christmas Tree Decorating

video, christmas tree decorating, christmas
Hello, hello! I've been inside all day long, cuddling with Marly, watching Gilmore Girls, drinking tea (have you heard of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea? Interesting.), and trying to be productive. It has really been a great rainy day! School AND work were cancelled for me, so it's the ultimate day off :)

As I've mentioned before, my new camera takes video! SO, when Dai and I decorated our tree this past weekend, we filmed it. Since I had some time to play around today, I put this little video together! I really don't know anything about making videos and this is the first one I have ever done, so don't judge me too harshly haha BUT, ENJOY!!
Merry-almost-Christmas, friends!


A Christmas Playlist

christmas playlist
The whole Bay Area is preparing for what is supposed to be a major storm heading our way. They say there are going to be hurricane winds and constant terrential down pour for the next couple days. Flood warnings are out, people are running around collecting supplies, and we are encouraged to stay off the roads. Schools all over the place are even closed, including mine! Lucky me because that means I will have some extra time to finish up my projects that are due next week. I think God was looking out for me on this one haha.

That also means that I finally have time to cuddle up on the couch and watch Christmas movies with my sweetie while we wait for the storm to begin! With that, I wanted to share a little Christmas music playlist with you all as something fun to listen to throughout your festive days :) I think I will definitely be listening to it at least a few times through tomorrow while I try to use my rainy day to be productive!
Christmas by Jess // Foreign Room on Grooveshark
It was difficult to not fill this playlist with every Michael Bublè Christmas song, but I do highly recommend that you listen to his version of Feliz Navidad!

Enjoy and have a merry day tomorrow! :)


Outfit // Red, Grey, & Classy

anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
Hello, hello! I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing weekend. Things here were pretty festive! We dressed up our tree and hung our stockings over the fireplace! Our tree is now fully decorated with some of my ornaments from growing up and some of the cool ones Dai's mom collected over the years. She didn't take them with her when they moved back to Japan, so lucky us for getting to use them on our tree!
anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
Speaking of Christmas... Man, it is really difficult to be a student in December. I just want to come home and do ALL THE CHRISTMAS THINGS, but instead I have to do homework and projects to finish up my semester. #THESTRUGGLE. Can I please just wrap gifts and watch movies? It is okay though because in just exactly 1 week, all of the school madness will be over and I can do whatever my little heart desires!anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
In other news, I snagged this necklace from Forever 21 for only $3 while shopping with Danica! It has quickly become one of my favorite pieces to throw on to add a little color to any outfit.anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
With this new month, the weather has really cooled down and I have finally been able to pull out my sweaters and booties! This grey sweater is probably the one I love the most, since it has such nice, delicate details. The bow and the ruffles just get me! It is also light weight, which is nice for layering since I can always wear a long sleeve shirt underneath for a little extra warmth.anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
It has also been pretty great for jeans wearing! For the past year or so, I have mostly just been wearing jeggings. They are comfy and whatnot, but I realized that I needed to add a new pair of actual jeans into my wardrobe. A couple weeks ago, it was raining and it was one of those days when I was getting dressed in the morning and was feeling kind of crappy about how I looked in everything. So, I decided to head to Lucky Brand with a gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket and picked up this lovely pair! The best decision of the day.anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
I love how they fit and how they look with my little booties! I used to actually work at Lucky Brand, so I think I will always have a special little place in my heart for their jeans haha.anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
Over Thanksgiving, the Kate Spade outlet was doing a killer deal, so I was lucky enough to snag this baby up for a steal! I know I say this about everything, but... I am in love. I had the most difficult time choosing a bag and seriously spent a solid hour in the store swooning over everything. Dai was a trooper! I finally settled on this medium/small-ish sized one in black because I wanted something classy and timeless, especially since it was my first ever Kate Spade purchase. It has a cross body strap as well, which makes it simply perfect.anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
You can never go wrong with a red lip! This past year I have really tried to embrace that :)anthropologie, sweater, booties, dsw, kate spade, ootd, outfit, purse, red lip
Oh, I forgot to mention that these photos were taken with my NEW CAMERA! Woohoo! Personally, I can tell the difference and I am already smitten. This camera is so much faster, sharper, and all around higher quality than my last one. It is truly a fantastic upgrade! It was really a dream to shoot these photos with it and I think Dai may even have liked doing outfit photos just a little bit since the experience was so quick and seamless!

This weekend we also shot some photos for my Christmas card (which hopefully I will share soon!) and played around with making a video while we decorated the tree (which I may also share if I can figure out how to edit it haha). I am just so amazed at what a difference a new camera can make!

Also, I'm thinking of putting together some makeup or beauty videos. What do you think about that? Is there anything you would like to see? Since my camera takes video now, I am itching to play around with that feature and learn more about making it!

Hope you all are having a great week so far :)

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Top // Anthropologie
Jeans // Lucky Brand
Bag // Kate Spade
Necklace // Forever 21
 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year // Holiday Checklist

Since it is clearly the most wonderful time of the year right now, I thought it would only be appropriate to have a checklist of things to do to enjoy this season to its very fullest! It shouldn't be a problem to do all these things and I can't wait to get started with Dai in tow, whether he wants to or not ;)

So far, I can check off getting a tree! Woohoo! Also, I'm doing pretty good with drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate, and am nearly finished with my holiday shopping. Hoping this weekend we will decorate the tree and the rest of Dai's living room (as much as he will let me haha), and that I can get started on wrapping some lovely presents to go under that fully decorated tree. Gotta deck ALL them halls, folks!

And now, I am off to eat ramen (of course) with my love on account of the rain and getting off early from work on this fine Friday evening.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!


New Camera // Merry Christmas To ME!!!

nikon, new camera, dslr, d7000, merry christmas
Do you see that? Do you see that beautiful thing I am holding in my hands??! I got a new camera! It arrived in the mail tonight and I am just so excited, so naturally I decided it deserved a blog post of its own. I love my first camera, a Nikon D3000, but after 5 years of adventures and love, it was really slowing down. I've been considering investing in a new camera for a year or so now, and after a lot of research and some Black Friday sales on Amazon, I settled on the Nikon D7000. I opted to purchase just the body since I already own the lenses that come in the kit option, which made it much more affordable and justifiable.nikon, new camera, dslr, d7000, merry christmas
It is a really great upgrade for me (two levels higher than my D3000) and should be something I can grow with for quite a while. It is definitely bigger and a bit heavier than my other camera, but it just feels so nice in my hands. Ahhh!!! I really can't wait to get out and use it! There are going to be many more photo adventures happening from now on :)

I am so glad I decided to purchase it to have during the holiday season and that I will be able to take it along on our trips to San Diego and Seattle happening over the next month. Woohooo!

A camera is definitely a financial investment, but I decided that it is important to invest in my passions and to believe in myself. I know that I will never regret giving myself opportunities like this.

So, who wants to have a photo shoot? :D

P.S. Please excuse my makeup-less face and crazy hair haha. It has been a long week.