The Busy Bee Update

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There are exactly 3.5 weeks left in the school year, but I am not really sure how that is possible. I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by! I am so very ready for a break, yet am also very stressed out thinking about all the things I need to accomplish in such a short period of time. I am doing my best to take things one day at a time, but I definitely often feel overwhelmed.

Sleep has been pretty inconsistent depending on what is happening with assignments, but today I am feeling good and much more well rested than the other days this week. Plus, I am having a good hair day, so I am counting it as a win! Let me tell you, lack of sleep screws everything up. Every evening has been spent eating a quick dinner after work and then spending the rest of the evening doing my school stuff. I have been doing pretty well at focusing this week, which is great because I don't really have any time to waste!

Other than school being a crazy whirlwind, life has been carrying on and things have been looking promising. I finished working on my resume and am currently on the hunt for an internship in the "real world." I have a few opportunities in the works thanks to connections I have made, so I am hopeful that something will work out! I have been realizing lately that, depending on how my portfolio review goes in May, I could be graduating next spring! Though I am hoping that my portfolio will get me into the BFA program, which would extend my schooling a year, it is still a really crazy thought to think since I really don't feel anywhere near ready for that. But it is also kind of exciting. Hopefully getting some experience in my professional field this summer will help me to feel more prepared for that if that is what will be happening!

I also found out recently that I am going to have to move in August, which is a huge bummer. I am really not thrilled about this and the hassle of having to find a new place to live when I have finally settled in pretty nicely where I'm at now. This will be my 4th move in two years and I currently have no idea where I will end up living, but I know that this is all happening for a reason and everything will be alright in the end.

As you can tell, this post doesn't have any particular purpose other than to pop in to say hello and
give you all a little update about what has been going on with me lately! I likely won't be posting much until school is over (May 19th!!!), since I have an animated design video to finish, a portfolio to put together, a couple papers to write, and a handful of tests to study for! After that though, I am planning to get lots of blogging time in over the summer, which really makes me happy to think about :)

I hope you all are having a great week!! I'll just be over here keeping on as a busy little bee... buzz buzz!

Have things been really busy for you lately? How do you deal with so many things and such little time to do them?


Happy List // 15

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When life gets busy, it is easy to just think about all the stuff that is causing you stress and your never ending to-do list. Busy or not, I think it is always important to remember and take note of all the good things happening in life, even if they are small and simple :)

Here is my current happy list:
+ Wearing my big sun hat to the dog park.

+ Green tea soft serve ice cream.

+ The fact that we are exactly one month away from summer break! Oh my goodness.

+ Museum dates with my guy.

+ Sprinkles Cupcakes, especially the dark chocolate with sprinkles and the salted caramel.

+ The idea of spending summer by the pool. Pretty excited that my nanny family has one in their backyard!

+ Luxury movie theater seats that recline. Movie watching will never be the same.

+ Costco trips with Dai.

+ The fact that The O.C. is now on Hulu. Long live Seth Cohen and baby Rachel Bilson.

+ Sitting on the grass talking and eating lunch with design friends between classes.

+ Mini golf with my nanny kids.

+ The free resume building site that has been a lifesaver in helping me create mine! Probably one of the best things I've discovered in a long time.

+ Breaking out my spring clothes.

+ Spring morning walks to Starbucks with Marly (and Dai occasionally!).

+ The lovely, sunny week we have been having!

+ Taco Tuesday.

+ Blogging again!

What's been making you happy lately?

I am really looking forward to the weekend! On Friday I am heading out to see my mom overnight since it is her 50th birthday! It will be nice to spend some time with her and celebrate. The rest of the weekend will be spend with Dai, probably alternating between relaxing and working my booty off on homework! The end of the semester is so close! I just need to hang in there!


Get Well Soon Treats from Chewy

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It has been a while since I have talked much about my Mr. Marly here on the blog, so I thought I would update you all on what's been going on with him, in case you were also a crazy dog person like me ;) Marly had a great spring break in San Diego and loved getting to go on a big adventure. He got to go for hikes, play with my nephews who adore him, tag along for coffee dates, go to the beach, and play with one of his dog cousins. What more could a dog want?!

Unfortunately, with it being spring time and things being in bloom, he also got a bad reaction to allergens around the environment. A couple days before we headed home, he started incessantly scratching and licking himself, so much so that his lips and area around his mouth became raw and one of his paws became red and swollen. It was definitely a struggle for a few days trying to keep him from scratching or licking and to make him more comfortable. He would stay up at night licking himself because he was so bothered by what ever was irritating him. The only time he could be completely calm was if I was holding him. It was sad to see!
chewy.com, marly, dog treats, dog, dog lover, dog mama, allergies, spring, dog care
Once we got home, I took him to the vet and he was given a shot to help relieve the irritations, pills to take, a special medicated shampoo, wipes to clean him off with whenever he came back inside after taking a walk or playing in the grass, and strict orders to wear a cone for the next two weeks! After swallowing a hefty vet bill and tearing the house apart to wash everything to eliminate the allergens, we were both frazzled and tired.
chewy.com, marly, dog treats, dog, dog lover, dog mama, allergies, spring, dog care
This made for the perfect time for Marly to get something special in the mail: some new yummy treats from Chewy! These Merrick Backcountry Real Chicken Sausage treats have made Marly (and our Golden Retriever housemate, Messi!) very happy!
chewy.com, marly, dog treats, dog, dog lover, dog mama, allergies, spring, dog care
I have been giving them each a treat after I give Marly his meds or when I leave the house to head to work. Whenever they hear the bag, they just come running over to get in line for one! I really like these treats for my pup because they are all natural, protein packed, as well as grain and gluten free. Plus, the first ingredient is real chicken, which is always a good indicator of a high quality product! So, they are getting a yummy treat that I know is good for them, which is the best thing as a dog mama.chewy.com, marly, dog treats, dog, dog lover, dog mama, allergies, spring, dog carechewy.com, marly, dog treats, dog, dog lover, dog mama, allergies, spring, dog care
Marly has a follow-up vet appointment tomorrow and I am hoping he gets a clean bill of health. He is definitely doing and looking much better than he was two weeks ago, though he is still licking and scratching himself whenever I let him free from the cone. We shall see what happens, but I am just happy that he is on the mend and that we can do our best to keep his allergies under control!

One thing is for sure, though, during this tough time for Marly, these treats from Chewy have been a nice little thing for him to enjoy and look forward to! Thanks to Chewy for introducing us to another great product, and for just being the truly kind and awesome company you are :)

Does your dog have allergies? What kind of treats does your dog enjoy? Are you also concerned about ingredients?

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.


Whole 30 Round 2 Results

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I finiehed my second round of Whole30 a few weeks ago and I realized that I never shared my results! So, I just thought I'd whip up a quick post to check in about that journey :) After my halfway check-in, the rest of my Whole30 went by pretty quickly. I was very busy with school and work, so before I knew it, it was Day 30!
Whole30, Whole30 results, clean eating, healthy, healthy habits, weight loss journey, get fit, fitness, lifestyle, paleo
Overall, this round of Whole30 went really well! With the stress of school and my busy schedule, it was actually really nice to have the Whole30 guidelines to follow to make my choices easy. Sure, I couldn't just stop by whatever fast food place to grab something if I was in a rush, but it really helped me get into the habit of planning and preparing things ahead of time if necessary. Every evening I would pack my lunch box with my to-go breakfast and just-in-case snacks, and then also make extra food to take along if I couldn't go home for lunch.

Even though I had already done a round of Whole30 before, I still learned new things about food, my body, and what works for me. For example, I had to figure out things I could take to school with me to have for breakfast since I did not have the time or desire to get up early enough to make a hot breakfast at home. I learned that cooking could actually be a relaxing thing for me and that I really enjoyed making myself a nice, healthy meal. I tried new things like taking my own coconut milk to the coffee shop to have an unsweetened latte made for me and experimented with Whole30 approved substitutes for making things like the best mashed potatoes. I discovered that I actually like fruit-essenced sparkling water, something I have not cared for in the past. I learned that just because I am a busy college student doesn't mean I can't or shouldn't fit in the time to treat my body well with whole foods or a walk around the neighborhood.
Whole30, Whole30 results, clean eating, healthy, healthy habits, weight loss journey, get fit, fitness, lifestyle, paleo
As far as numerical results go, I did lose 13 pounds! That was definitely a really nice side affect of eating well and I did notice some of my clothes fitting better and just an overall lighter feeling. I did not manage to take any measurements this round, so I am not sure exactly how many inches I lost, but I do notice a difference in my stomach area in particular. I also noticed a positive difference in my mood, sleep, and energy!

Though I am very happy with my results from this round, I know that I have a long road ahead of me! I truthfully haven't been eating that great since I finished my 30 days because it was immediately spring break after and I fell out of my routine. I had a great spring break and do not regret allowing myself to indulge in things while I was on vacation, but sometimes it is hard to shake that mentality once you are home and back to real life. I definitely have discovered that I do better when I have established rules for myself and know that I need to create some to stick to and get back at it!

I'd love to do another round in the near future and hope to get Dai on board with me this time :) I also think it is so great how other people I know have started their own Whole30 journeys! Sharing my everyday meals & small victories over on Instagram also really helped keep me motivated and connected me with other people that I found to be inspirational!

To learn more about my Whole30 journey, you can check out these posts:
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- Why I'm doing Whole30 Again
- Whole30 Round 2 check-in

Have you ever done Whole30? What do you think about clean eating? What works for you?


The Perfect Spring Time Yoga Pants

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I think we can all agree that spring is a pretty lovely time of year. We can begin to pack away our sweaters and heavy jackets, and pull out the sandals and sun dresses. With that, we also start spending more time outside, enjoying the sunshine and increasingly warmer weather. I will admit, as much as I enjoy cute summer clothes, I also love having comfy, pretty clothes I can quickly throw on to casually grab some coffee or take a walk on the beach with my dog. Most of the time, this ends up being active wear because, lets face it: its the most comfortable! And by active wear, you know I really mean yoga pants because why put on actual pants when you can wear the closest socially acceptable thing to pajamas?yoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
I recently had the opportunity to pick out a pair of new yoga pants from YogaOutlet.com to welcome spring and as you can imagine, I was very excited! I had actually never heard of YogaOutlet before, but after browsing their site for just a few minutes, I immediately became a fan. They had every kind of print and color you could imagine, and I definitely had a difficult time choosing which pair to get!yoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
The great thing about YogaOutlet is that they offer a wide variety of active wear brands, all at much lower prices than they would originally retail for. I really enjoyed being able to discover new-to-me brands that I likely would have never come across otherwise. It is awesome to be able to get a really high quality pair of yoga pants with an even better price tag!yoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsoredyoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
I eventually settled on this plum colored pair of capri yoga pants from Beyond Yoga and since I had a bit of money left in my budget, decided to get this Free People tank top to go with it. Plum is one of my most favorite colors, so once I saw this pair while browsing through their collection of yoga pants, I knew these had to be mine. Being a rather short gal, I usually prefer capri yoga pants since most long pairs tend to be too long and too baggy at the bottom. These Beyond Yoga capris ended up being the perfect fit! I thought that it would be nice to have a complete, new outfit and am pretty happy with how nicely this soft pink tank paired with these pants.yoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
One small detail that I wasn't sure if I would like about these pants was a gathered seam in the back of the legs. I decided to give them a shot anyways, and luckily the seams don't bother me and even add a bit of interest :)yoga pants, yogaoutlet.com, outlet, discount, spring, active wear, style, sponsored
Now, I'm not going to pretend that I am a yoga guru or even practice yoga on a regular basis (although I may try show off for a few photos ;)), but a girl can't go wrong with a good pair of yoga pants. They are awesome for those times we do actually do active things, or those times when we really just can't deal with wearing jeans all day :) On this particular day, I wore this comfy outfit out for a short hike, a lunch date with friends, some time at the beach, and grabbing my afternoon coffee fix. It was the perfect thing to wear for such a lovely, casual day!

I am happy to have discovered a great new place to shop for my future pairs of yoga pants and look forward to wearing this lovely plum pair and tank top all throughout the warm weather heading our way! Big thanks to YogaOutlet.com!

What do you look for in a pair of yoga pants? Where do you usually find your perfect pair?

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Yoga pants // c/o Yoga Outlet
Tank top // c/o Yoga Outlet
Flip Flops // Rainbow

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Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.
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