Happy List // 16

Slowly easing into Monday with a little happy list...
+ The sound of the fountain outside my bedroom window.

+ Coffee dates at Blue Bottle in Palo Alto when we sit outside in the courtyard and work on things.

+ Trips to the pool.

+ Grilling all the things.

+ Sunday brunch with friends.

+ Hanging out with Dai and the 7-year-old girl I nanny for.

+ The tiredness that you feel after entertaining said 7-year-old all day.

+ Hitting my Fitbit goals.

+ Good morning kisses.

+ Taking walks to the frozen yogurt shop.

+ My new Macbook Pro!!! It was definitely an investment, but I love it and I love believing in myself.

+ The fact that we have so many light blue items in our house.

+ My newly dyed blue hair

+ Trips to Target with Dai anytime.

+ Making Halloween/pumpkin carving plans already.

+ Phone calls with my dad.

What's on your happy list?

I hope everyone has a great week ahead!


If We Had Coffee // 4

If we had coffee, it would probably be on a Friday, since I don't have school. We would likely keep it simple and meet at a Starbucks somewhere between us. I'd definitely order an iced coffee with a splash of half & half and pumpkin spice syrup. I would tell you how it is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I really do love pumpkin spice and am always excited when it makes its arrival each year. I'd ask you what you ordered and would make a mental note to try that next time.

We would find a quiet spot to sit down, maybe even outside if the weather is nice. I'd ask you about your loved ones and work or school and where you got your shirt because I'm sure you look great. I'd ask you how your summer was and if you are looking forward to the fall. 

I'd tell you about my trip to Hawaii and how it just was so amazing that I can't get over it. I'd tell you that I can't wait to go back and how we are already scheming about how we can make that happen one day soon. I'd probably show you photos from our trip on my phone, and also throw in a few recent ones of Marly too since he is just so cute.

If we had coffee, I'd tell you about my classes this semester and how they are going pretty well so far. I'd tell you how crazy it is that this is my last year and the thought of graduating in the spring both delights and terrifies me. I'd tell you that I am quickly finding out how awful I am at dancing and that I still think it is pretty funny that I am actually taking a hip-hop class. We would definitely have a good laugh about this. I'd also say though that my Latin dance class is kind of fun and it is easier than hip-hop for me.

I'd tell you much I love coming home to my apartment each day and how it just feels so right. I'd tell you that it has been fun living with Laura and that I've enjoyed hanging out with her the most that I have since we were in high school. Sometimes I can't believe that we are actually here, living in an apartment together and learning how to be adults.

I'd tell you that I watched all of this season of Bachelor in Paradise and don't even know why I love all of the shows in The Bachelor franchise, but I do. I just can't help but love trash TV! Speaking of TV, I'd tell you how Dai and I just finished watching the Stranger Things and how much we loved it. I'd also have to tell you how excited I am for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls to be released and that my sister and I have already made plans to watch them together the day they are released.

I'd tell you how I am just itching to photograph some people! Kids, maternity, families, engagements, couples, graduates, events, weddings... Just give me someone to shoot with! I would really, really love to especially shoot a wedding in the near future. I shot one three years ago and looking back at the photos, they make me slightly cringe because I think I could do a much better job now.

If we had coffee, I'd tell you how I miss my family and how hard it is to live away from the ones I am closest to. I'd tell you how I miss my dad and sister especially, and sometimes I get sad. I'd tell you how I am very excited to spend Thanksgiving in San Diego though and can't wait to hang out with my nephews.

I'd tell you how I am so happy it is Friday and that I get to see Dai later today. I'd tell you that it is difficult sometimes only getting to see each other on the weekends, but we do our best to make the most of our time together. I'd tell you how we don't really have plans for this weekend and am alright with it since it means we can do whatever we would like.

Our cups would surely be empty by now and it would be time to say farewell until next time. We would hug and I would invite you over to my house to swim or have dinner because I really want you to see my new place. You would laugh and say "of course" and we would wave goodbye as we walked to our cars.

If we had coffee, what would you tell me?


Outfit // Somewhere In Between

With Labor Day behind us, it seems that summer is now sadly over... Though we are quickly approaching fall, the weather here in California definitely isn't cooling down yet! So when it comes to wardrobe, I am somewhere in the middle of seasons. Most days I throw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and slide on sandals on my way out the door before I head to school, but I am kind of itching to break out those jeans and some new items I scored on sale for fall. For now, I will not complain about our warm temps here though since it means I will still be able to get in some more pool days :)
Over the weekend, we went to dinner at one of my very favorite restaurants, Picco Pizzeria, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County. It is always a beautiful drive through the city and over the bridge (well, except when there is tons of traffic...), and on this day we were blessed with sunshine and clear skies. I hadn't been in Marin in quite a while, so it was nice take a little drive and head into a different part of the Bay Area. While we waited for our table, we walked around downtown Larkspur and were able to snap some photos of my outfit.
The evening was cool enough to be able to pull out my current favorite pair of jeans and my go-to booties. I also wore a white flow tank top that I got earlier in the summer and didn't even need a sweater. I really love this tank top and how feminine it is, but I don't wear it too often since I am a bit afraid I might ruin it! These booties have been seen here on the blog countless times, but I just love them so much! I would really like to find a great pair of brown leather (real or faux) booties and have looked so many places with no luck. Let me know if you have seen a pair I might like!edit-7705
Earlier this summer I discovered an accessory store called Charming Charlie. As soon as I walked in, I was in love, purely by the fact that the store was organized by color! That definitely made my heart sing :) It was seriously great, especially because you could find each style in any color! I also found that all of the jewelry was really pretty reasonably priced, which is great because I am on a budget and simply don't believe in spending much on that kind of stuff, at this point in my life anyway. On my first visit, I picked up a few pieces, including this orange flower necklace that came in a set with matching earrings. I have been wearing this necklace often this summer since I just love the pop of color it gives my looks!edit-7640 edit-7652
I must say, it was kind of nice to get a taste of fall wardrobe on this evening! It had been nearly a month since I had worn jeans and I hadn't pulled out my Madewell tote in quite a while! I think it will forever be my favorite and it instantly reminds me of fall fashion with its warm brown tones.edit-7665 edit-7791 edit-7584
This outfit is pretty simple, just the way I like it, and is a great for me in this transitional weather. Although, I don't think the heat is going anywhere anytime soon, since it was 90 degrees yesterday!

These photos were pretty fun to shoot and I really enjoyed doing outfit photos for the first time in so long. My friend and roommate, Laura, was standing off to the side while Dai was behind the camera and she made me laugh a bunch, so I think these photos turned out with more silly faces from me than usual, but I love it :)

At a weekend sale, I scored a few new items for fall and I can't wait to get back into the groove of sharing outfit posts! It has been too long, friends!

Are you ready for fall and fall fashion? Or are you holding on to summer for as long as possible? What are your go-to transitional pieces?

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Top // Lauren Conrad via Kohls
Jeans // Lucky Brand
Necklace // Charming Charlie
Shoes // Crowne Vintage via DSW
Bag // Madewell

 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg


New Month // September Goals

And just like that, here we are yet again, with a new month ahead of us... August was a pretty wonderful month over here and I am actually kind of sad to see it go. It was the first full month spent in my new home, my very first internship wrapped up, we went on a spectacular vacation, and school started back up. So many things!

September, though, will be a good one too I think! I have always loved September and the beginning of fall. It is kind of nice to get back into the routine of school and spend the weekends relaxing or doing fun things. It really is quite a lovely time of year!

Before we totally jump into September, lets review August's goals...
+ Get unpacked and settled in at my new apartment
Check! There are still some things I need to organize, but I am feeling pretty settled at this point! We have just about all the furniture we need (we would maybe like to just find a coffee table eventually) and the whole place is feeling pretty home-y. It makes me so happy! Next, I'd just like to hang some things and add finishing touches.

+ Celebrate Dai's birthday and our 5 year anniversary
We definitely did this! August was a lovely, celebration filled month. On Dai's birthday, I made him dinner and a cake and we had a quiet evening at my house, watching MasterChef and going to the jacuzzi.  We also spent the next day in Santa Cruz at the boardwalk, which was lots of fun. Our anniversary was on a Monday, so we both had to work, but Dai sent me flowers at work (so sweet!) and we went to dinner at a nice restaurant that evening. To top it all off, to celebrate our anniversary, Dai planned a surprise trip to Hawaii!! So, our anniversary clearly was amazing :)

+ Start school
Done! School started a week ago, but thankfully things haven't gotten too busy yet and I actually really like the classes I'm taking, so I am hoping it will be a great semester! The only thing that was kind of strange was having my last first day of school ever (unless I go to grad school, but currently no plans...) and to realize that next fall, for the first time in 18 years, I won't be starting a new school year. Life is weird, guys!

+ Spend time with Dai
I'm pretty sure you can already tell I spent lots of time with Dai considering we went on vacation! This was an easy goal, but since it felt like we hadn't spent much quality time together in July, I wanted to be more intentional about this. It was a great month for us!

+ Try out the gym at my new place
Ok, so I'm sorry to say that I didn't do this... I know, I know, so bad! This goal (conveniently) slipped my mind... Definitely going to keep this goal in mind for September!

+ Have a get together/party with friends
Success! This past weekend we had a house warming party, which was really fun! A couple weeks ago I also had some friends over to swim and have a little BBQ by the pool, so I would say this goal went well :)

+ Spend some time alone doing things I want to do
Yes! I had two full weekdays completely off from work before we went on vacation, so I spent those doing things I wanted, like building a jewelry hanger, going to the pool, and simply relaxing. I didn't do everything I had wanted to, but I feel alright about it.

+ Give oil pulling a try
I will admit, I did try oil pulling, but only twice! I didn't hate it, though it takes a little time to get used to the feeling of the oil in your mouth. I did it for a couple days, but then I went on vacation and kind of forgot about it! I'd definitely like to give it another shot!

Goals for September...
+ Book a photo session with a client
For quite a while I have been itching to shoot some more photo sessions, so lately I have been working hard to seek out those opportunities. I have been looking a ton on Craigslist for people who need portraits and events shot (even a couple weddings!) or photographers seeking a second shooter/assistant, and have been sending out many emails. I'm hoping I can at least get something solid on my calendar this month!

+ Read two books
Last month I was successful at finishing two books and got into a really nice routine of reading in bed before I went to sleep, so I'd like to continue that and read two more in September. I have quite a few books on my shelf that I haven't read and it would be nice to get through them all!

+ Work on my hand lettering skills
I have admired hand lettering for such a long time and from the little that I have dabbled in it, I have really loved it! I just need to spend some more time practicing and learning different techniques. I even purchased an e-course a while ago, but have yet to make my way through it! With the holidays just around the corner, I would especially like to work on these skills because I think it would be great to make hand lettered gifts for people.

+ Make a video of our trip to Hawaii!
We took our GoPro on this trip and we did so many fun things! I'd love to make a video of our time in Hawaii and then hopefully get into the habit of making ones for our future trips too. I have only made a couple videos in the past, but I have already started this project and am so excited to share it when it is done!

+ Frame photos and hang things on the walls
While mostly everything is unpacked, I would still like to hang up photos and other special pieces. I have a lot of photos that need to be printed and framed, so I'd like to get going on these things in September! I didn't hang anything on the walls of the place I last lived at, but I plan on being here longer and it already feels way more like home :)

+ Find eating balance/follow Whole30 principles
I have a lot of thoughts about food that should probably written in a post all on its own, but here are my basic recent realizations: I need to find balance when it comes to food. I have found through experimentation with Whole30 over the past year and a half that I am a sort of "all or nothing" kind of person when it comes to healthy habits. I am either super focused about it or I don't care at all and just eat or do whatever I feel like. I am realizing that's a very unhealthy pattern to be in and I am going to make conscious efforts to make changes to that! I will have to keep you posted on this as I go!

So far, in the 2.5 days of September, things have been going well! The weather got gloomy so I am actually wearing long sleeves and pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks, so I am currently having a coffee date with Dai and typing away while I sip on my pumpkin spice iced coffee :) We don't really have much planned for this long weekend, which is pretty nice!

What are your goals for September? What are you up to for the long weekend?


Life Lately // August

HELLO!!! Here we are, almost done with another month and I have blogged about a total of 3 times... All I can say is that this entire year has been a wonderful whirlwind! Though August is not yet over, it has been such an amazing month and I am here to fill you in!

First of all, I am 100% moved into my new apartment and am pretty much settled. So far I am loving living with my friend Laura :) It is so different to actually like the people you live with and aside from staying with Dai, I can't say I've felt that in the past two years! I enjoy having time alone at home, but I am also like "When is Laura coming home?" I miss hanging out with her when she isn't there haha. It has also been so great getting to build a household from scratch and getting to decide (with Laura's input of course) where everything goes or how we want things. I love it! Plus, there's a pride that comes along with having your own place, like wanting everything to be neat and clean! I am now realizing just how much my dad's particular-ness rubbed off on me after 20 years of living with him haha.

Aside from the apartment stuff, I also finished my 10 week internship, which really felt like an accomplishment! It was a really great experience and I am so thankful that I was given that opportunity. I loved meeting so many new people, working in an office environment, and learning about so many different fields I had no clue about. I am definitely looking forward to having another internship sometime soon!

The biggest thing that happened this month was definitely our trip to HAWAII!!! Oh man, I can't even begin to describe how amazing it was and it is going to get a couple posts of its own very soon. It was my first time there and believe it or not, Dai actually surprised me by taking me! He is just the sweetest. We had the best time and are already scheming up ways for us to go again soon...but I should probably graduate college first :)

Speaking of college, my last year of school started on Wednesday! I was not looking forward to school starting, especially after just getting back from vacation, but now I am trying to get psyched about it haha. My schedule isn't terrible and my classes actually seem interesting! I am taking a mass communication class (where we are going to learn how to make blogs (insert crying face emoji) and other things), a food culture class, an architecture history class, an electronic media class, a hip hop dance class, and probably a latin dance class! I know those last two probably threw you off! I have never taken a dance class in my life, but I need a couple PE credits and figured why not?! :)

Other than that, I've been working on my August goals and have been dabbling with the ukulele just for fun! It has been pretty cool actually and I hope I can keep learning more! Marly is also doing well and is as cute as ever :) He loves our apartment! I've been reading more which has been making me happy and I've been going to our pool often. I used to have a pool, but I definitely took it for granted, so it is really wonderful having such a nice pool after two years without one, especially since I live in a pretty warm area! Soaking up every last bit of summer while it is still here :)

Well, I think that pretty much covers it for this month! How has your month been?

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