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I love reading, but for a long time I didn't make the time for it in my schedule. Back in August, I started reading every night before bed. It has been such a nice addition to my evening routine! Since I have been reading more lately, I thought I would share with you a few of the books I have read.
Good Things by Mia King
Back cover description: "A charming debut novel about a lifestyle maven who learns that living simply isn't simple. Deidre McIntosh became famous teaching women to live simply, and simply live-ironic for a woman who thrives on the chaos of a television career, and shares a home with her best friend, the one man she can count on-who happens to be gay. But when her Seattle cooking-and-lifestyle show gets bumped off the air, and her best guy moves in with his boyfriend, she's left trying to figure out the next segment. Seizing on a chance encounter with an attractive stranger, Deidre accepts his offer to use his country home. She hopes to get away for a while and learn to practice what she preaches. To appreciate life without voice mail. To gain the courage to start again, and take the first slow, cautious steps toward a new kind of success-and maybe even love. It seems like a simple task. But it may be the hardest thing she's ever done..."

My rating: 3/5

This book wasn't the greatest piece of literature, but it was really enjoyable to read, which sometimes is just what you need. I really liked the world that this author created and would like to read the other two sequels that she wrote!

Brooklyn by Colm Toibin
Back cover description: "Eilis Lacey has come of age in small-town Ireland in the hard years following World War Two. When an Irish priest from Brooklyn offers to sponsor Eilis in America, she decides she must go, leaving her fragile mother and her charismatic sister behind. Eilis finds work in a department store on Fulton Street, and when she least expects it, finds love. Tony, who loves the Dodgers and his big Italian family, slowly wins her over with patient charm. But just as Eilis begins to fall in love, devastating news from Ireland threatens the promise of her future."

My rating: 2.5/5

I had been wanting to read this book for so long, but when I finally did, it was kind of disappointing. I mostly enjoyed the story, but it was slow moving and didn't have a very satisfying or concluding ending, to me anyway. This book has been adapted into a movie, which I would like to see to compare it to the book. Sadly, I don't think I would recommend this book.

Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
Back cover description: "It’s January 1995, and Franny Banks has just six months left of the three-year deadline she set for herself when she came to New York, dreaming of Broadway and doing “important” work. But all she has to show for her efforts so far is a part in an ad for ugly Christmas sweaters, and a gig waiting tables at a comedy club. Her roommates―her best friend Jane, and Dan, an aspiring sci-fi writer―are supportive, yet Franny knows a two-person fan club doesn’t exactly count as success. Everyone tells her she needs a backup plan, and though she can almost picture moving back home and settling down with her perfectly nice ex-boyfriend, she’s not ready to give up on her goal of having a career like her idols Diane Keaton and Meryl Streep. Not just yet. Everything is riding on the upcoming showcase for her acting class, where she’ll finally have a chance to perform for people who could actually hire her. Meanwhile, her bank account is rapidly dwindling, her father wants her to come home, and her agent doesn’t return her calls. But for some reason, she keeps believing that she just might get what she came for."

My rating: 4.5/5

Queen Lauren can do no wrong in my eyes and it was really interesting to see her as an author instead of an actress. There were definitely some things I could relate to with the main character, Franny, since we are similar ages. Lauren's voice really came through in this book and I didn't want it to end! She could easily write sequels to this book and continue's the character's story.

Lately it has been nice reading things just for pure enjoyment rather than being required to read things for school. I love giving myself the freedom to read whatever I'd like!

I definitely could use some new books to add to my reading list, so please give me some suggestions!

What kinds of books do you like to read?


Hawaii Video!

I recently had the sad realization that it has nearly been two months since our trip to Hawaii. Two months already! Dai and I say nearly every day that we want to go back ASAP... We fell in love!
On this trip, we used our GoPro to film parts of it so I put together a little video! I'm not really familiar with making videos, but I am really happy with how this turned out. Most of all, I am just happy to have this to look back at our trip! Dai and I have decided to start taking more footage of our trips so we can have videos of all of our adventures :)

I hope you enjoy it!

P.S. We are actually already at the midterm point of the semester! Crazy how quickly it has been going by, but the rest of the semester should be a bit calmer and I am hoping to be able to blog more! But we shall see...


Happy List // 16

Slowly easing into Monday with a little happy list...
+ The sound of the fountain outside my bedroom window.

+ Coffee dates at Blue Bottle in Palo Alto when we sit outside in the courtyard and work on things.

+ Trips to the pool.

+ Grilling all the things.

+ Sunday brunch with friends.

+ Hanging out with Dai and the 7-year-old girl I nanny for.

+ The tiredness that you feel after entertaining said 7-year-old all day.

+ Hitting my Fitbit goals.

+ Good morning kisses.

+ Taking walks to the frozen yogurt shop.

+ My new Macbook Pro!!! It was definitely an investment, but I love it and I love believing in myself.

+ The fact that we have so many light blue items in our house.

+ My newly dyed blue hair

+ Trips to Target with Dai anytime.

+ Making Halloween/pumpkin carving plans already.

+ Phone calls with my dad.

What's on your happy list?

I hope everyone has a great week ahead!


If We Had Coffee // 4

If we had coffee, it would probably be on a Friday, since I don't have school. We would likely keep it simple and meet at a Starbucks somewhere between us. I'd definitely order an iced coffee with a splash of half & half and pumpkin spice syrup. I would tell you how it is a guilty pleasure of mine, but I really do love pumpkin spice and am always excited when it makes its arrival each year. I'd ask you what you ordered and would make a mental note to try that next time.

We would find a quiet spot to sit down, maybe even outside if the weather is nice. I'd ask you about your loved ones and work or school and where you got your shirt because I'm sure you look great. I'd ask you how your summer was and if you are looking forward to the fall. 

I'd tell you about my trip to Hawaii and how it just was so amazing that I can't get over it. I'd tell you that I can't wait to go back and how we are already scheming about how we can make that happen one day soon. I'd probably show you photos from our trip on my phone, and also throw in a few recent ones of Marly too since he is just so cute.

If we had coffee, I'd tell you about my classes this semester and how they are going pretty well so far. I'd tell you how crazy it is that this is my last year and the thought of graduating in the spring both delights and terrifies me. I'd tell you that I am quickly finding out how awful I am at dancing and that I still think it is pretty funny that I am actually taking a hip-hop class. We would definitely have a good laugh about this. I'd also say though that my Latin dance class is kind of fun and it is easier than hip-hop for me.

I'd tell you much I love coming home to my apartment each day and how it just feels so right. I'd tell you that it has been fun living with Laura and that I've enjoyed hanging out with her the most that I have since we were in high school. Sometimes I can't believe that we are actually here, living in an apartment together and learning how to be adults.

I'd tell you that I watched all of this season of Bachelor in Paradise and don't even know why I love all of the shows in The Bachelor franchise, but I do. I just can't help but love trash TV! Speaking of TV, I'd tell you how Dai and I just finished watching the Stranger Things and how much we loved it. I'd also have to tell you how excited I am for the new episodes of Gilmore Girls to be released and that my sister and I have already made plans to watch them together the day they are released.

I'd tell you how I am just itching to photograph some people! Kids, maternity, families, engagements, couples, graduates, events, weddings... Just give me someone to shoot with! I would really, really love to especially shoot a wedding in the near future. I shot one three years ago and looking back at the photos, they make me slightly cringe because I think I could do a much better job now.

If we had coffee, I'd tell you how I miss my family and how hard it is to live away from the ones I am closest to. I'd tell you how I miss my dad and sister especially, and sometimes I get sad. I'd tell you how I am very excited to spend Thanksgiving in San Diego though and can't wait to hang out with my nephews.

I'd tell you how I am so happy it is Friday and that I get to see Dai later today. I'd tell you that it is difficult sometimes only getting to see each other on the weekends, but we do our best to make the most of our time together. I'd tell you how we don't really have plans for this weekend and am alright with it since it means we can do whatever we would like.

Our cups would surely be empty by now and it would be time to say farewell until next time. We would hug and I would invite you over to my house to swim or have dinner because I really want you to see my new place. You would laugh and say "of course" and we would wave goodbye as we walked to our cars.

If we had coffee, what would you tell me?


Outfit // Somewhere In Between

With Labor Day behind us, it seems that summer is now sadly over... Though we are quickly approaching fall, the weather here in California definitely isn't cooling down yet! So when it comes to wardrobe, I am somewhere in the middle of seasons. Most days I throw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and slide on sandals on my way out the door before I head to school, but I am kind of itching to break out those jeans and some new items I scored on sale for fall. For now, I will not complain about our warm temps here though since it means I will still be able to get in some more pool days :)
Over the weekend, we went to dinner at one of my very favorite restaurants, Picco Pizzeria, over the Golden Gate Bridge and into Marin County. It is always a beautiful drive through the city and over the bridge (well, except when there is tons of traffic...), and on this day we were blessed with sunshine and clear skies. I hadn't been in Marin in quite a while, so it was nice take a little drive and head into a different part of the Bay Area. While we waited for our table, we walked around downtown Larkspur and were able to snap some photos of my outfit.
The evening was cool enough to be able to pull out my current favorite pair of jeans and my go-to booties. I also wore a white flow tank top that I got earlier in the summer and didn't even need a sweater. I really love this tank top and how feminine it is, but I don't wear it too often since I am a bit afraid I might ruin it! These booties have been seen here on the blog countless times, but I just love them so much! I would really like to find a great pair of brown leather (real or faux) booties and have looked so many places with no luck. Let me know if you have seen a pair I might like!edit-7705
Earlier this summer I discovered an accessory store called Charming Charlie. As soon as I walked in, I was in love, purely by the fact that the store was organized by color! That definitely made my heart sing :) It was seriously great, especially because you could find each style in any color! I also found that all of the jewelry was really pretty reasonably priced, which is great because I am on a budget and simply don't believe in spending much on that kind of stuff, at this point in my life anyway. On my first visit, I picked up a few pieces, including this orange flower necklace that came in a set with matching earrings. I have been wearing this necklace often this summer since I just love the pop of color it gives my looks!edit-7640 edit-7652
I must say, it was kind of nice to get a taste of fall wardrobe on this evening! It had been nearly a month since I had worn jeans and I hadn't pulled out my Madewell tote in quite a while! I think it will forever be my favorite and it instantly reminds me of fall fashion with its warm brown tones.edit-7665 edit-7791 edit-7584
This outfit is pretty simple, just the way I like it, and is a great for me in this transitional weather. Although, I don't think the heat is going anywhere anytime soon, since it was 90 degrees yesterday!

These photos were pretty fun to shoot and I really enjoyed doing outfit photos for the first time in so long. My friend and roommate, Laura, was standing off to the side while Dai was behind the camera and she made me laugh a bunch, so I think these photos turned out with more silly faces from me than usual, but I love it :)

At a weekend sale, I scored a few new items for fall and I can't wait to get back into the groove of sharing outfit posts! It has been too long, friends!

Are you ready for fall and fall fashion? Or are you holding on to summer for as long as possible? What are your go-to transitional pieces?

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Top // Lauren Conrad via Kohls
Jeans // Lucky Brand
Necklace // Charming Charlie
Shoes // Crowne Vintage via DSW
Bag // Madewell

 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg
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