Outfit // Girly in Gingham

voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
Hello, hello! This week has been flying by and now it is already halfway over! Work has been quite busy for me so far this week and will only get busier since I am on duty the entire weekend with the kiddos I nanny for because their parents are going to be away on a trip. I love the girls I nanny for, though, so it should be a great (exhausting) weekend!

Anyway, it has been quite a while since my last outfit post, but here I am today with something new from Voodoo Vixen's spring line! What better way to kick off the spring & summer outfit posts than with this lovely dress?!
voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
This is my third Voodoo Vixen dress and honestly, each one has been better than the last! I didn't think it was possible to top the other two beautiful Voodoo Vixen dresses in my closet, but this one... I am just in love with it! It is really perfect in every way.voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
I love a good bow, so I thought that this black belt I had would be a nice match for this outfit!voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dressvoodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
This is the first gingham patterned item that I have ever owned, and I must say, I am a fan! I think it is the perfect pattern for spring and summer. Plus, this fabric is so light and airy! Also, this pinkish-orangish color is just the right hue for warmer weather months.voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
Sidenote: my hair has gotten so long these past several months! I think it has sort of reached its peak in length and I am debating whether or not to leave it as it is or to cut it. If I cut it, I had a long bob or some sort of wispy, wavy bob like this or this in mind. I would also probably have some side-swept bangs cut in. What do you think? It might be nice to have a fresh start for the warmer seasons ahead!voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dressvoodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
The diamond shaped cut-outs on the neckline are also such a nice, interesting touch! It adds a bit more uniqueness and femininity to the dress, don't you think? I appreciate the small details like this that Voodoo Vixen usually adds to their designs!voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
I'll be honest, I don't do a full face of makeup every day. You know, the eyeshadow, the liquid liner, and the lipstick. Most week days, I throw on some moisturizer or maybe some BB cream, and that's about it! I am a student and work with kids every day, so let's be real, it doesn't matter all that much if I am wearing makeup or not. So, it is definitely nice to have fun getting all dressed up on the weekend! I thought that a nice winged liner would be the perfect look to go with this dress. I also figured that you can never go wrong with a red lip! (Question: would you guys ever be interested in a makeup tutorial of some sort? Maybe just a post or a vlog?)
voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dressvoodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
voodoo vixen, spring, vintage, style, retro, pinup girl, dress
To say I feel fabulous in this dress would be an understatement! I have come to a conclusion about Voodoo Vixen and their designs: they just get me. They understand how a woman's body works and all of the right places that a dress should hug or nicely skim over. They understand curves. I think this is precisely why I have felt so wonderful in each dress I have received from them and why I really feel that I can order with confidence! It is a great thing when you can feel beautiful or maybe even hot (or dare I say...sexy?) in something, let alone in something that isn't showing too much. Know what I mean?

Thanks again to Voodoo Vixen for sending me this wonderful dress to feature here on the blog!

 photo outfitdetails_zps244ac2f3.jpg
Dress // c/o Voodoo Vixen
Shoes // Cathy Jean
Belt // Old Navy
 photo OUTFITLINE_zps3d53caa8.jpg
Disclosure: This was a sponsored post. While I may have been compensated in some way, all views and opinions are my own.


My Favorite Apps

There are so many apps out there these days that it is sometimes difficult to find the really good ones among the really bad ones. I can't tell you how many apps I have downloaded and then promptly deleted after the first use because it really wasn't functional or well designed. For this reason, I love getting recommendations from friends when it comes to discovering great apps, so I thought I would share with you some of my favorite apps in case it may be useful for you!
+ Map My Fitness
I really like using this app to track my walks with Marly & Dai. It is nice to know how long we have been walking and how far we have gone. It is also great to have all of my walks recorded in one spot, and at the end of each week, the app e-mails me a summary of my activities. It is a nice motivator! With this app, you can also change your activity to running, hiking, biking, etc. and it will track it accordingly. Pretty cool!
+ Wunderlist
I am a list maker. I love making lists for everything, whether it is a to-do list, a shopping list, a packing list, or an idea list. Wunderlist is a great app for those like me! I really like that it allows me to keep several lists going at the same time and that I can really categorize things to keep myself organized. Also, when you check something off your list, it makes a really awesome sound that makes you feel like you are winning at life by getting stuff done. That always helps, right?
+ Cartwheel by Target
I know that I am definitely not the only one here in the blogging world that has a loving relationship with Target. That's why we should all have the Cartwheel app on our phones! This app is a convenient way to save a bit of money while shopping at Target. Basically, it has lists of items that you can digitally save coupons for onto your "cartwheel." Then, when you are at the register, the cashier will scan the barcode on your phone and you will save money! I don't always buy items listed on the app, but it is nice to be able to save some money when I do. A little bit here and there can really add up over time!
+ Hours Keeper
This app is fairly simple, but is really convenient for me. As a nanny, I have to keep track of my hours for each week so that I can let the family I work with know what the balance they owe me for that week is. I started using this app at the beginning of the school year and it has been great! It is very easy to use and gives me one less thing to remember on my own! If you have a job in which you keep track of your own hours, I definitely recommend this app :)
+ VSCO Cam
I may have mentioned this app before and it is pretty popular, but in the last year it has become my most favorite photo editing app! When I first started using it, I didn't like it very much for some reason, but I have really come around to it and love the way it edits my photos. It has really great quality filters, but still gives you the ability to control the exposure, contrast, temperature, etc. of your photo, which is really nice.

What are some of your favorite apps?


Adventure // San Diego Spring Break

adventure, san diego, family, beach, road trip, dogs,
Hi, friends! I was pretty lucky this year & sort of had two weeks of spring break (one without school & one without work!), so we were able to fit in little a spur of the moment road trip to San Diego! I always love taking trips down there since it is where I am originally from & where most of my family lives. Plus, I definitely enjoy hanging out on the beach & soaking up the nice weather when I can!
adventure, san diego, family, beach, road trip, dogs,
We had a great time hanging out with my sisters, brothers-in-law, aunts, nephews, niece, & cousin. So much family to visit! One day while we were there, we went to a lake with my sister and nephews to visit my other sister who was camping there with her little family. The kids had a great time riding bikes in the dirt and playing on a splash pad. They were even able to push me into the water, if you can tell from the photo above ;) We also went swimming with my nephews & spent some time jumping on the trampoline. Those kids are fearless on that thing, I tell ya! They were just doing flip after flip and I couldn't bring my self to do a single one. Does this mean I am getting old? ;) My sister & I also got to have a little girls night out! We left the kiddos with Dai and my brother-in-law and went out for drinks and dessert for the first time since I'm 21 now. It was a lot of fun doing something "adult" like & hearing stories from my sister when she was my age & all the trouble she got into :)adventure, san diego, family, beach, road trip, dogs,
We also spent some time staying with my aunt who, lucky for us, lives pretty close to the beach. We started off each morning that we were with her with a nice, long walk down to the ocean to get coffee or have breakfast at a little cafe. One morning we also met up with my cousin and her dog so that the pups could play on the beach. They were so cute together and, luckily, they got along really well! While we were there, we also had a few family dinners and it was really nice to be able to see family that I usually just get to see around holidays.adventure, san diego, family, beach, road trip, dogs,
We really couldn't have asked for more lovely weather and I'm so happy that we were able to take full advantage of it! I definitely can't complain about laying on the beach or swimming in the ocean instead of being at work ;)

Sometimes it is tough being so far from my closest family members, but I want to try to make visiting them more of a priority. If you have the time to drive, it really isn't that bad of a trip down there! Plus, we made it there on one tank of gas, so $40 for gas sure beats the price of a flight and rental car.

By the way, happy Friday! Fridays are usually the best days for me. Tonight I am going to the Giant's game with my nanny family (with box seat tickets--score!), and I had the entire morning free, so it's been a pretty good day!

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to adventuring with Leah and spending the rest of the day with Dai. He told me that we can spend the day doing whatever I want, so I foresee outfit photos and a coffee date in our near future ;)

What are you up to this weekend?
Have a great weekend, friends!


10 Things You Don't Know About Me!

Hey there! It has been a while! I'd like to say that in my absence I've been doing something ultra cool/productive like training for a marathon or writing a book, but alas, I haven't been. I have been traveling here and there on little adventures though, as well as working and going to school and trying to get back into this blogging thing (with little success, obviously)! I've also been considering starting another round of Whole30 soon, working on a couple design projects for a friend, and doing my best to get my affairs in order to start my new school in the fall. There are a lot of new things happening in the near future and I'm starting to look forward to them!

In the meantime though, one of my main goals is to bring this blog up to speed and get back to posting regularly! I have missed it and all of the lovely people who I have been able to connect with through it. I've been a little bored with the design of my blog lately, however, and am trying to decide how to change things up a bit. For me, when my blog isn't in an aesthetically good place, I'm not as motivated to post and instead make myself crazy trying to figure out what to do with it! But, I'm going to just let it go for now and get back to what's really important here: writing and community!

So, with that, I thought I would share a little list of things you may not know about me :)

1. I am very indecisive. I always change at least once or twice when getting ready, can never decide what to order when I go out, and have a hard time deciding between things that I want to buy.

2. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an oceanographer or marine biologist, but when I realized how many science classes I would have to take and that I didn't really like science, I changed my mind. I loved dolphins so much (and still do!) and thought that being an oceanographer meant I could just hang out with them all day.

3. I am a bit of a picky eater. Seafood isn't my favorite and I can be particular about how I like things to be made. I'm trying to expand my horizons though and Dai has been a big help with that!

4. My dad and I like to watch pretty girly shows together, like The Mindy Project, Hart of Dixie, Everwood, Gilmore Girls, 7th Heaven, and Project Runway.

5. I have a Fitbit One, but most days I don't meet my step goal and I always get beaten by Dai and my sister haha.

6. When I was younger, I participated in a youth bowling league and accompanied my dad to his evening league every week. A little dorky, I know, but it was fun :)

7. Marly sleeps under the covers, cuddled up against me as the little spoon every single night.

8. When I get iced coffee from Starbucks, I save my cup for several days and get free refills with my Gold Card throughout the week. I'm not even ashamed. Hey, broke college girl has to save money somehow ;) (If I could insert the crying laughing face emoji here, I would)

9. I became a nanny because I love being an aunt, so I figured that if I love to hang out with kids, I may as well get paid for it :) It was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

10. I played softball in high school and was even the team captain one year. Both years that I played, our team was undefeated!

And a few bonus ones...
11. I could eat ice cream every single day if I let myself. My favorites are mint chip, Thrifty black
cherry, and Talenti salted caramel.

12. I've always wanted to take a ride in a hot air balloon and go scuba diving.

13. I don't mind watching movies over and over again.

And there you have it! I'd love it if you shared something about yourself in the comments so I can read about you too! :)

To keep this going, I'm going to challenge Abby, Britt, Leah, Danica, and Morgan to share at least 10 things we don't know about them as well!

P.S. I am almost ashamed to admit that Dai and I have watched four complete seasons of Pretty Little Liars in just one month. I calculated it, and that comes out to be about 67 hours of PLL. Oh my gosh, I think we are addicted!


Adventure // Weekend in Wine Country

We spent this past weekend adventuring in Wine Country! My sweet cousin and his wife gave us a certificate for a stay at a bed and breakfast in Calistoga for Christmas/my birthday! Since it was my 21st birthday, this was the perfect gift :) We just got around to using it now though since I was doing an official Whole30 in Jan/Feb and everything about this weekend was basically the opposite of Whole30 compliant haha. Anyway, we had the most wonderful time and here is a massive photo dump from our trip!
We stayed at the Wine Way Inn in Calistoga and it was just the cutest! I've never had the pleasure of staying at a B&B before, so I didn't really know what to expect, but we loved it! From my Gilmore Girls watching, though, I figured it would be a cross between the inns Lorelai ran and the B&B they stayed in that one episode ;)wine-5 wine-6
I loved how the entire inn was decorated! It was very pretty & fit the character of the building well.wine-7
We have learned that there are certain expectations to socialize with other guests when you stay at a B&B (again, that one episode of GG taught me well lol) and we actually really liked this aspect of it! We had great conversations with people over breakfast, while enjoying a glass of wine in the lounge during the evenings, and even while running into people in town. One couple was especially kind to us and even bought us a bottle of wine when we saw them at a tasting room! It was very sweet!wine-9
The breakfast was delicious. Above is the breakfast from the first morning, which included homemade granola, homemade yogurt, fruit, baked pears, blueberry muffins, chicken apple sausage, and bread & butter pudding (definitely the highlight of the meal!). Breakfast was also served with juice and French pressed coffee, which I loved even though I don't typically care for simple hot coffee. I may need to purchase my own French press someday soon!
After breakfast our first morning, we got ready and headed out to adventure for the day! Calistoga is a pretty small town and has one main street. Our inn was in a great location, so we were able to just walk all through the downtown area and only drive when we were heading outside of the little town. We checked out a farmer's market, wandered into some shops, and visited a tasting room. What was nice about our travel package is that it came with several vouchers for free or buy one, get one tastings at 7 different tasting rooms and wineries. That definitely saved us a lot of money and allowed us to try more things than we would have been able to without it!
After wandering around downtown Calistoga, we decided to drive to further places. We visited a winery that had a bocce ball court, so we had fun playing a little bit of that after our tasting! We also went to another vineyard before heading back to the inn.wine-10 wine-11
The backyard of the inn was also beautiful and on Saturday evening we decided to just get some good cheeses, crackers, salami, and fruit to have for dinner on the patio while we drank wine and watched Pretty Little Liars on Netflix (confession: we are obsessed) on my laptop. The weather was perfect for this! We later walked around the downtown area of Calistoga to get some ice cream for dessert!wine-12wine-14
The next day, we enjoyed another homemade breakfast and got ready to check out of the inn. Luckily, we still had a couple of free wine tasting passes, so we decided to stop by those places!
The first one was just directly across the street from the inn and was built to look like an old gas station/mechanic garage. It had a lot of character and a cool vibe. We really liked the wine here and the gal who explained everything to us was super nice!wine-16wine-17
We then just walked a block or so down the road to another tasting room that was so cutely decorated. I just loved this white barn! The whole place had such a nice rustic feel. I thought my orange skirt and I fit in pretty nicely!wine-18wine-19wine-20wine-21wine-22
I think we may have enjoyed the wines here the most and decided to buy a bottle to take home! I'm excited to have two special bottles waiting for us! Now we just need an excuse to break them out :)wine-23wine-24wine-25wine-26
Something I learned about wine tasting: even though you are technically just "tasting" wines, after you visit two wineries or tasting rooms and have had 4 or 5 tastings at each, that adds up to be about 2-3 glasses of wine, pretty quickly too! So, after the second tasting in about an hour and a half, you could say we were feeling pretty good HAHA I would say that this photo of Dai sums things up fairly accurately!

Don't worry, after this we decided to call it quits for the day and walked downtown to have some lunch to soak up the wine before heading home! This weekend was such a great little getaway and we have been so lucky to have had frequent weekend trips lately. I don't want the fun to end! Thankfully we have one more trip on the horizon :)

Our weekend in Wine Country was a great way to continue celebrating my 21st birthday and all the new fun that comes with it! We had yummy food, lovely wine, great weather, and each other! What more could we ask for?

We will definitely be visiting Wine Country again soon!

Have you ever been wine tasting? How was your experience?

P.S. In case you are interested....

Where we stayed:
1019 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga, CA

Where we visited:
1307 Lincoln Ave, Calistoga, CA

1020 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga, CA

810 Foothill Blvd, Calistoga, CA

1 California Dr, Yountville, CA

1171 Tubbs Lane, Calistoga, CA