Hey there! I'm Jess, a twenty-something San Francisco Bay Area girl that's all about adventure, dogs, photography, and finding the perfect vanilla latte. I'm also a graphic designer with a passion for photography and writing. I enjoy exploring my home state and the rich area I live in, and of course, photographing my adventures along the way.

I spend most of my free time with two of my very favorite people: my boyfriend Dai (6 years and going strong!) and my adorable pup, Marly. They are my little family and adventure partners. Together we have gone to places like New York, Yosemite, Palm Springs, Seattle, Texas, Mexico, Portland, and Japan (twice!).

Some things you should know about me:

+ I have a strange fascination with succulents and you'll find lots of them on my Instagram. Same goes for pretty houses

+ Tacos are a food group to me

+ My dog is my baby and yes, he is very spoiled

+ Traveling is one of my biggest passions. I believe that experiences are better to have than things

+ I am that girl that will take photos of your coffee and food before can enjoy them #sorrynotsorry

+ Being outdoors makes me happiest. I am always down for drive to the beach or mountains

+ I am a loyal friend that believes in authenticity and openness. If you are my friend, you will have a hard time getting rid of me (but I am sure you won't want to anyway)

After spending all my time in studio art classes through high school, I decided to start this blog as a new creative outlet back in January 2013 and have loved the journey it has taken me on so far.

Visit the "best of" page to get started & take a look through the archives. Don't hesitate to leave a comment (I read, cherish, and try to reply to every one!), shoot me an e-mail, or drop by my Instagram. I love making new friends!

Thanks for stopping by & I hope to see a lot more of you around here!

Anonymous said...

i'm an iced coffee addict and a fur mommy too :)

Anonymous said...

hi Jess, I am moving to San Francisco at the end of the year, and my husband is japanese (well, half) too! just some funny coincidences haha. anyway, your blog is neat and I'm looking forward to following along and getting some local Bay Area tips :)

- leah

sydni said...

oh my goodness
love these pictures
and adore the blog!