Summer Bucket List

             I have been looking forward to summer for so long. My senior year was pretty stressful, and between working and schoolwork, I hardly had any time to do things that I actually wanted to do. But now I am free! So with the time to do what I would like and my love for lists, here are my goals for this summer!
  • Take a train
  • Make Pinterest recipes
  • Have a bonfire
  • Go camping
  • Shoot more film
  • Organize my closet once and for all!
  • Order Instagram photos
  • Take morning walks with Marly
  • Take road trips
  • Go thrifting
  • Explore the SF Haight
  • Explore the SF Mission District
  • Read books that I've been wanting to
  • Make a jewelry holder
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Go to Big Sur
  • Make cards
  • Make candles
  • Learn to paint
  • Practice block printing
  • Learn to sew, and sew well!
  • Design my own pair of shoes
  • Go to Sol Food, pretty much my favorite restaurant
  • Get rid of stuff I don't need. There's too much of it...
  • Volunteer with this awesome organization, City Impact.
             Hopefully I can get through this list and it will be a great summer! So far it's been going pretty well. What are your summer goals? :)