Dog Day at the Park

I apologize for the photo spam, but we had a blast at the A's Dog Day at the Park on Thursday evening :) We aren't really A's fans (I'd take the Giants over them any day), but I decided to dress Marly up any way. I made him his very own cape with an 'M' on it and he wore it proudly. This was my first bout with the sewing machine, and let me tell you, it is not easy to sew a straight line. Golly. There was a 'Pup Rally', where we got free pet stuff, and then we got to walk around the field in a 'Pup Parade' haha. 
There was lots of this...
All the dogs and their humans had to sit in the outfield seats, but Marly got his very own seat, which he sat in nicely like a good boy and even took a nap. It got pretty cold as the evening went on! It is July. I don't understand this. All in all, it was tons of fun and I would definitely go again next year!
Katherine said...

SO CUTE! his little outfit is adorable! and i would love to do this, but i don't watch baseball!

<3 katherine
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