Sunday Slides.

 There's nothing like some great concrete slides. Of course, I had never been on any since I found these ones in San Francisco back in May. What a gem. When my sister's were visiting for my graduation, I dragged them here to revive their inner kid and they were an instant hit. And we immediately decided that we must bring my nephews and niece back when they come to visit. So here we are! We also found some metal ones later, but the concrete ones are definitely the winner. I'll be honest, they are a big scary because they have a pretty sharp and you pretty much feel like you might just fall. Then you get the hang of it. My nephews were so funny and excited, and Logan (the youngest) was going down by himself by the end. Those kids are pretty fearless. As you can see from my face, I was pretty much scared every single time. But hey, Aunt Jess is down for pulling up her maxi skirt and hopping on a piece of cardboard. And then grabbing a kid and climbing up the hill again. And again. And again. Until my straightened hair is all tangled and my face is sweaty. I am such a good aunt.