20 Fall Essentials

Hey guys! As I'm getting back to school and the weather on campus is starting to cool off, I've decided to compile a little board, if you will, of essentials for this fall's fashions I'm craving. I really love fall and winter clothing (and styling) so I'm pretty excited about this! So, here you have it. The fall style guide according to ME, a professional stylist (I wish).

1. Find yourself a cute top with a rounded collar. They are sweet and feminine, and maybe even add a vintage touch.
2. A striped sweater goes well with any colored pant.
3. A neutral colored cardigan is an essential for any season, but a thick, maybe a little over-sized one is great for fall. Pair them with pants or even a dress.
4. A cardigan in a nice color is a good addition to your wardrobe and won't let you down when you want to add a pop of color to a simple outfit.
5. Nothing says comfy like an over-sized sweater worn with leggings or skinny jeans and boots or oxfords. Maybe even add a circle scarf!
6. A chambray shirt adds a little boyish and casual touch to any outfit. Pair them with black skinnies, colored denim, a dress, or even a dark denim if you are daring enough!
7. Bows are cute. Get some. Plain and simple.
8. Again, I'm loving the collars this fall season!
9. Hit those books again with your smart girl glasses! (even if they're fake!)
10. Gold watches are very in right now and I think they look so classy paired with some skinny bracelets.
11. Classic oxfords in any color would give sweetness to any outfit.
12. The fall is the time for warm colored skinny jeans. Add a pop of color and personality to your wardrobe and try something new. These look great with boots or those oxfords we just talked about.
13. Black skinnies are a staple in your wardrobe all year around, but if you don't have any or need to replace yours, now is the time my friends. You will not be disappointed with a quality pair of black skinnies. They truly go with everything.
14. The arm party is in. Don't let your wrists go naked this fall.
15. Little pearl studs go with everything, so if you're like me and forget to change your earrings, these will be easy to keep up with.
16. A good green military jacket pretty much goes with anything. Mix a girly dress with the hardness of a military jacket to give your dress a casualness. Or pair with any pant! I recently bought this one from Gap.
17. Find a dress with a classic, flattering silhouette and dress it up with some heels or flats or down with boots and a cardigan like in #3.
18. You can be the girl in the hat too! Add a little mystery with a classic hat.
19. A nice brown or black cross-body purse goes with everything and won't slip off your shoulder.
20. A good boot is essential to pair with your leggings or skinnies. Try a military or riding boot.

I hope that was helpful and inspiring as you start to collect your fall wardrobe!
If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comments!

Happy shopping :)