DIY: Painted Clothespin Photo Hanger

I was in a very crafty mood this weekend from a week filled with good Pinterest finds. I spent sunday making these guys. They are so simple, but make me happy! I am getting tired of the cork boards I have, so I thought these would be cute to hang photos with on a string of wire. 

If you'd like to make them too, you can follow along here, or take a look at how they did it on Dot Coms for Moms. They glued a tack to the back so you could push them into the wall and use them as a free standing hanger, but I like them this way too :)
So here's what you'll need! I got a 36-pack of clothespins and a spool of wire (not pictured) at the dollar store, and had the rest of these items at home, so basically this project cost me $2!
Step 3: Once paint is at least half-way dry, apply a second coat.

Step 4: Let paint dry for 30-45 minutes.
Then just hang wire anywhere you would like and use your cute, colorful, and cheap clothespins to hang some photos!

These were so simple to make that I think I will have to make a couple more batches and send them to my friends who are in college :) I can't wait to arrange them in just the perfect way on my wall! An easy and affordable makeover.

Let me know if you decide to try them! I'd love to see how they turn out :)
Katherine said...

that is such a simple and cute idea! love it!!

<3 katherine