In the past I've thought all I needed was a tripod and a remote and then I could take photos whenever and wherever I want and wouldn't need anyone's help. Yeah. Sounds like a fool proof thing, doesn't it? The part I never considered is how awkward it is to stand in a public place with a tripod taking photos of myself. In downtown, no less. Right near a tapioca place that everyone and anyone frequents several times a week. Granted, I was in an alleyway, so you'd think that not many people would walk by. But they did. So I just stood behind my camera and pretend I'm taking photos of a brick wall. Until some guy came up and was like, "Girl are you taking photos of that wall? Shoot that's silly."
"Um, yeah. Yes I am."
And then I decided it was time to leave.
Regardless, I have grown to love this dress! It was a Marshall's steal. I have been looking for the perfect  neutral sweater cardigan at thrift stores with no luck, so I broke down and bought this one I saw at Urban Outfitters last week. It's pretty much perfect.
I also got these super cute Toms wedges back in August, but haven't really been able to wear them since it has been too hot. This week has been in the 80's-low 90's, but today it finally cooled off dramatically and actually feels like fall. I'm so happy.
dress - Marshall's
sweater - Urban Outfitters
booties - TOMS
tights - Target
hat - Lucky Brand Jeans

I love the fact that it was a very rare occurrence that I did not have any homework over the weekend in high school, but now in college it is not unusual! I know that it probably won't last, so I am soaking up the guilt-free wonderful time I have while it is here. I think this will involve buying a bunch of pumpkins to decorate my house with and drinking obscene amounts of coffee made by our new Keurig while watching 500 Days of Summer and How I Met Your Mother. Yes, that sounds like a perfect weekend.