A new name, a new look, AND a new URL?!

Hello friends! I am back and have missed blogging! I didn't plan to take a break, but the responsibilities of school and work crept up on me, and at the end of the day, I didn't have any energy to put in here. But, that is behind us now! I am ready for a fresh start, hence the new name, new URL, and new layout. We are back in business!

Well, I may as well update you on what's been up these past few months...
I went to Disneyland!


Marly got a Christmas sweater.

I finally started calling this guy my boyfriend out loud.

I drank only juice for a while.

I finished my first semester of community college.

We carved some cool pumpkins.
My best friend came home from college!!!

I started wearing red lipstick.

I watched a sunrise from Treasure Island.

And I went to L.A. to see Jack's Mannequin final performance! Goodness it was a magical night.

Well, I believe we are all caught up now. Thanks to those of you who hung out during my time away! 
I am excited for what is to come :)
Sabrina said...

Disneyland + dogs in sweaters + Jack's Mannequin...amazing!