Never Too Latte...for Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Day, my boyfriend, Dai, planned a nice little Christmas date for us! He took me to the cutest place called Never Too Latte and arranged for us to have high tea. We opted for lattes instead of tea and got to pick all of the goodies to go with it! 
He got a red velvet mocha and I stuck with a vanilla latte.
Everything tasted wonderful! This tower of goodies is made for two, but there was so much! The staff was so friendly and accommodating and the pastry chef is a genius. We became fast friends with her. She even makes her own salted caramel and gave me an entire spoon full to eat by itself. I was in heaven! This girl loves anything salted caramel.

I will definitely be going back, hopefully with my sister, the coffee connoisseur!

At any rate, Merry Christmas! Things here were wonderful, full of family and friends, good food, and presents. Another year, gone! Where does the time go?