A map and my feet.

In December, my friends and I went to the holiday Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I had gone the year before as well and was smitten. If this little tour of crafters and the handmade comes to a city near you (Brooklyn, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & London), you should definitely stop by. It's free to get in and full of amazingly creative and talented people. Plus, there's a photo booth. Who doesn't want a free photo?

When I went for my first time in 2011, there were so many things that I wished that I could buy, but nothing really stayed with me after that, except for the the work of Diane Vadino of Lekker Haas Paper. So when we saw her booth again this past December, I knew that I needed to just break down and buy one of her pieces. 

So I did. Isn't it beautiful? It is a map of San Francisco, with all the streets intact! She told me that she prints a map and cuts out the streets so that she has one giant stencil (which takes 3 months!), then she takes a photo and is able to make a screen print from it. I decided to buy (well, actually it turned out to be a Christmas gift from Dai :) ) a screen print (only $40), though she sells the actual cut-outs as well, which are stunning, but are $500. Maybe one day!

Now that I have this beautiful piece of art, I don't know how I want to display it! It is too awkward of a size for a ready-made frame (23in x 17.25in??), so I need to either have my dad build me a frame for it (which could take months because he is a busy man) or figure out some other creative way of displaying it. Please help me! Have any ideas?

Hope Tuesday is treating you well! I scheduled my classes so that I do not have any on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I am feeling pretty good about my freedom :)

Katherine said...

I love using maps as art - this is really beautiful! I'd be neat to do one of our old neighborhood

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Nina said...

Maybe get it matted to be a standard frame size? Then you can even add a cool pop of color, if you want! Or just thick black would look good too. If you take it to a framing shop or even the framing counter of a Michael's, they should be able to help you. Just don't let them charge you for a fancy custom size frame, or for assembling it. You just need to pick a standard size frame, a mat, and then have them cut the mat down to size/cut the hole for the art. You can take everything home and assemble it yourself - can be the difference between $10 and like $150 I've found...

It is a really nice piece - I also like maps as art. Good luck!

Jess said...

Thanks for the advice! I was looking at Aaron Brothers and they suggested doing the same thing, but they said to get the mat and have them cut it would be $45. Maybe I'd have better luck at Michael's! I think I'll go visit them later this week.