Kids say the darndest things.

So, here's the deal: I'm a nanny.

I don't ever remember really being that fond of kids (I mean, I'm pretty much one myself), or at least kids that aren't in my family (because those kids are just plain awesome). But one day I looked around and realized that I had somehow surrounded myself with many of them and then said to myself, 
"Hey self, these tiny humans actually aren't that bad. Maybe we should hang out with them every day and get paid for it. Yeah, that's a pretty good idea.

And then BAM, I found two kiddies to frolic with every day. 
Or, more like to negotiate over homework with, to shuffle to baseball practice, and to play referee in fights for.

Okay, so maybe it isn't as peaceful and whatnot as I had thought it might be. But it's alright. Some days the younger one (7) and I have it out over homework and end up telling each other that the other is being mean. Or maybe the older one is starting to call himself a "pre-teen"(he's only 10!) and has a feisty little attitude and a vocabulary of under-the-breath phrases. But like I said, it's alright because
what they lack in homework motivation and keeping hormones in check, they make up for in quotes like these:

10-year-old: "Don't talk about that. That's what girls talk about."
7-year-old: "Jessica, is that true?"
10-year-old: "Don't ask her. She's not a girl; She's a woman."

7-year-old: "You're such a smart Alex!" (you know, instead of smart aleck)

7-year-old: "Who sings this song?"
10-year-old: "I think it's Justin Beiber."
(It was The Jackson 5...)

At any rate, the good always outweighs the frustrating for those little moments like when they remember my birthday or are super into the crafts I sometimes do with them and ask for my help with other projects.
Plus, they keep me entertained by saying silly things like this.

Though they are all around pretty great, I must say that I am happy to have an extra two days added to my weekend break from them! Thank you Dr. King. And Happy Birthday.

Lacey in the City said...

I was a nanny in college, and I look back so fondly on that time - even though the four kids I had exhausted me. My favorite quote of theirs was: I had just picked up the 3-year-old twins, Henry & Claire, from pre-school and asked them what they'd learned that day. Claire: "Well Lacey, we learned it's a really good thing we're not Asian." I immediately stopped the car and turned around seriously and said, "Claire. Who taught you that??" And then Henry pipes in, "Well duh Lacey, because if we were Asian, then we'd be SIAMESE twins!"