Because I'll never go to school here.

This past weekend, we decided to visit the Stanford University campus since it is only about 20 minutes away from home. I had only ever been to the shopping mall right next to it and their hospital, but never to the actual campus. It is absolutely gorgeous! I had fun shooting a roll of film here and taking some photos with my DSLR. I definitely want to go back to explore more of the campus and to take some outfit photos. Even though that may be awkward...
It is so wonderful to be completely engrossed in something you are doing and to block the rest of the world out. That is how I feel when I am behind my camera lens. Everything else doesn't matter and I can truly be in the moment.

I had a blast shooting these so I just thought I'd share :)

Happy Thursday! Who is ready for the weekend?

Oh hello, Love said...

Beautiful photos!! What an amazing campus. And I could definitely envision outfit photos go for it! Can't wait to see how they come out.