Davis + The Thrifted

Yesterday, I drove an hour and a half out to UC Davis to see my lovely old friend, Dena. We hadn't seen each other in about 3 years or so and it was great to catch up! She is a friend from back when I lived in San Diego, so it is awesome that she goes to college so close by now.
We spent the day walking around the campus and seeing the city of Davis. It is quite the college town, let me tell you. I love that it is filled with many little houses with character, like this one. And that a lot of them are businesses within the houses. We had a nice lunch and a walk around a big pond/lake that is rumored to have an otter living in it. No such luck on that front.
We also stopped into a couple thrift stores and I found this gem! I am in love with it. It is mod looking and lovely. And even better, it was only $12!! A steal, no? I was thinking of putting it at the end of my bed as a bench and then storing blankets on the bottom. We found this great piece and then set off on a long trek back to campus to fetch my car. We made it back and barely fit it and Dena into the car.
Oh goodness, I couldn't wait to get home to see how this baby fit into my room. Alas, it is a bit too big and it cramped near where it meets a big leather chair, but I am in denial and will eventually figure out something to do with it. It is too good of a piece! It just needs a little care and I am sure my dad can help me spruce it up a bit. Hopefully I can keep it around for when I eventually have a place of my own, because I love it. Now, what to do with it for now?