The City of Locke.

As I said yesterday, we stopped in this strange little town called Locke. It was basically two rows of rundown buildings that were rusted, leaning over, and a bit creepy. Some were worse than others. So, there was tons to take photos of!

Also, I kind of really like this yellow side of the building. It would be nice for portraits. I tried to get Marly to stand in front of it, but alas, he wouldn't stay put.
I actually think this one is kind of cute!
I really like the textures of the wood in this one, and the fact that there is a door leading to no where.
We spent an hour or so here, walking around and taking photos. I finished up 3 rolls of film this day and am really excited to develop them this week. Hopefully there will be some good stuff!

Oddly enough, one of the only things in this place was a bar. And there was a strange smell of pot pretty much the entire time we were exploring. One local told us about how the town used to have an opium den. So, apparently there's some interesting stuff going on here!

In other news, I finished that essay I was talking about yesterday in record time! You know, this morning... About 30 minutes before it was due... :)