Chris & Lori's Handmade Backyard Wedding

Today I wanted to share some photos from a wedding I shot back in May! It was actually my cousin Chris' wedding, and I was very flattered that he asked me since he works in the film industry and I'm sure has real "professional" friends that would be more than happy to do it. But alas, he chose me! This was one of my first weddings (I shot my uncle's when I was 16, but holy moly I am so much better now!), so I was pretty nervous. But, I think that things turned out pretty well. My boyfriend, Dai, was my second shooter and it was so helpful having a second set of eyes/hands. I couldn't have done it without him!
It was a backyard wedding, simple and pretty much completely handmade. My favorite kind! Its simplicity exuded the personality, humor, and sweetness of Chris and his bride, Lori.
I wouldn't expect anything less from Chris.
Lori and her girls were simply glowing!
Because why wouldn't you want to get Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ice cream bars from an ice cream truck at the park on your wedding day?
Chris and Lori made all of the centerpieces, and everyone was given a personalized mason jar to drink from the whole night and to take home as a souvenir. So thoughtful! Especially for a mason jar loving gal like me :)
Oh, and there was a food truck! Say what?! Yep. And believe you me, it was AMAZING. Like, next time I am back in San Diego, I am finding this truck and ordering everything on the menu. It was so great to have them come to the house. There was no mess and they were super kind!
All in all, it was a great time! The whole thing was completely them, and not overdone one bit. It's exactly what you would expect from Chris and Lori, but even better.

Looking back, I can already say that I know a lot of things I would do differently next time I shoot a wedding (like upgrade my camera), but I think for not really having experience with this kind of thing, everything turned out great. It was a learning experience and I am happy with how things worked out. I can't wait to shoot more weddings, and just hope that they are half as wonderful as this one was!

Congratulations to you guys (Lori, I know you're reading this!), and when can I come visit? Maybe I'll even bring Dai :) Love you both and hope you're enjoying the married life!

Erika from America said...

Wow, congrats on shooting your first wedding since you were 16! What a wonderful opportunity!

I think you really captured the casualness of the wedding, coupled with the genuine happiness of the event! You can just tell that they are having the time of their lives and doing it their way! It looks like it would have been super fun to be there... and I love the ice cream truck AND the food truck, too. What an awesome idea!! :)