My Dream Come True

So, this guy. Have I told you he is pretty much the best? I was told about a month in advance to keep this past Saturday open for plans with him. I wasn't given any more details, just a few to try to throw me off.

I waited and waited and waited for Saturday to come, and when it finally did, we got in the car and headed off for my surprise. Once we got a bit closer to where we were going, Dai made me wear a blindfold.

And then.....
We were at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.
We had to wait outside for a while once we got there and Dai finally told me what we were doing...
 Because we were swimming with dolphins. And I have wanted to do that my entire life.
I will say this: There were a few kids doing it too, but I was definitely BY FAR the most excited. I could hardly contain myself, let alone stand still.
We had to sit in a short class to learn more about the dolphins, but THEN...
Then I got even more excited.
I had such a great time. Our trainer who helped us get in the water with the dolphins and told us more about them was really upbeat and added to the fun. It was so awesome to get to touch them up close. I've seen them at Sea World several times, but that is so much different! You can't touch them!

When I was younger I always wanted to be an oceanographer and work with dolphins. It was my dream! I would literally have dreams about swimming and playing with dolphins. I was all ready for this career until I realized how many science classes that would take and that I didn't really like science classes. I just wanted to hug and swim with dolphins all my life. Is that really too much to ask?!
But alas, at least I got to swim with them!

I know, I know. These photos are cheesy. And they aren't that great. But, we just had to buy the over-priced amusement park souvenir photos because this special day needed to be documented!
I did not want to get out of that pool. If I were a little younger, I would have loved to throw a fit. Like a "You can't make me leave the dolphins!!" kind of fit. But you know, I'm mature and stuff.

After we swam with the dolphins, we got some lunch and rode some of the roller coasters. It was such a wonderful day and I am such a lucky girl to have a thoughtful guy like Dai! My goodness.

This was definitely one of the greatest experiences of my life and I will do it many more times throughout my life. I just have to! I mean, they're dolphins! Ahhhh!!!

My dream come true.

Rachel Sedaker said...

That looks like so much fun!

abby - little city adventures said...

Jess that looks like crazy fun!! AHH So awesome!!!! You have a good guy there ;)

Chestnut Mocha said...

This is so adorable, I have no words! I just sent it to Ben, too, and made him open and look at it on his computer. I love the cheezy photos! It wouldn't be a full experience without those. And I can only imagine how the dolphins feel.. their skin or I don't know what you'd call it. It's amazing and the best part is.. that it was a surprise! I love surprises like nothing else! Even when they are planned for someone else, I still get too excited :-)

Susanne V. said...

Oh my goodness, that looks like so much fun! That is a great surprise.

Jessica Panian said...

Ahhh thank you so much!! They are so sleek and smooth feeling. It's just wonderful!
I love surprises for others too! It's always so nice to see them played out :)

Jessica Panian said...

It was AMAZING!! I think he is pretty great too ;)