Outfit // Hills & Valleys

Hello my lovelies. I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend! Mine flew by so quickly. Lately things have been so hectic here and I feel like all of my time is already accounted for before it even comes. My days are heavily scheduled and there are only a few blocks of time that I have to breathe. And even then there is homework to be done! I often feel guilty for relaxing, especially this weekend, when I have a giant laundry list of things that need to be accomplished. Do you ever feel this way?
On Friday evening, though, I got home from work early, and once Dai came home, we headed to this little spot of mine. This place that I always refer to as "my hill" is only a five minute drive from my house. Once you climb the steep dirt hill, you are rewarded with a breathtaking view of the entire bay. 
I just love it.
I was able to let go of all the stress in life, and just enjoy this beautiful evening. It was really just what I needed. I needed to sit on a blanket with good company and just watch the sun set over this vast city of mine. I needed to feel the cool wind of summer leaving brushing against my face. I needed to see the distant lights of San Francisco twinkle with the promise of Friday night. I needed to feel pretty and carefree in this polka dot dress, and to wear wedges and a bow in my hair just for fun.
Sometimes you just need to do something for you, despite the craziness of day to day life. If you don't take these moments and hold them close, they will pass without a second thought. In all honesty, I could not think of a better way to unwind from my busy week than to sit on top of this hill, distant from the valleys in life, and just feel happy.

How do you unwind and let go of stress from a busy week?

Outfit Details:
Dress - Cotton On
Jacket - Anthropologie
Wedges - Kohl's

P.S. I climbed the hill in those wedges. Aren't you proud?!