Weekly Wishes #8

Linking up with Melyssa over at The Nectar Collective for Weekly Wishes!

I'm back! I dropped off the map a bit these past few days, but you know what? I was okay with that, and I had a great time with Dai in LA, doing my best to leave my stress behind. You need that sometimes, you know? So, here I am with a new week! A bit late on my Weekly Wishes today, but better late than never!

- Unplug from social media. This was not as successful as I would have liked, but oh well... Nothing I can really say, except that I didn't try hard enough.

- Use my time wisely. Maybe! I really can't recall haha that's bad, isn't it? Although I can say that I could probably do better at this...

- Make some decisions about a trip. We haven't gotten our tickets yet, but I think that we are going to bite the bullet and go! It makes me so excited to think about it. I shall keep you posted :)

- Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. I did it! I love water. I really do. This went well and I was surprised at how easily I was able to do this.

- Don't rush places I always feel like I am rushing places. I am always running late, or doing things in a hurry, and it is exhausting and stressful. Today, I was actually a little early for work and it felt great. I could breathe and relax, and wasn't worried about anything. Then I wondered why I don't do this all the time!

- Read 25 minutes per day. This was one of my first goals several weeks ago, but I want to try it again. I love reading, but never make time to read things that I actually want to read. So, lets get back at this!

- Do not procrastinate my essay. I have an essay due next week and for like the first time ever, I am going to do my best not to procrastinate when writing it. I always feel awful when I do this, and it is looking like I won't be able to continue this habit in my current English class, so if I want to do well, I've gotta get my act together!

- Make some "me" time. I've realized that this is something that I need. I am just that kind of person. I like people for the most part, but deep down, I am an introvert and need time to myself. I don't always make this happen though, but I am going to be sure of it this week!

The Nectar Collective

Amanda said...

Oh reading! That is a great goal! I need to keep that one in mind for myself. I never set aside time to read, and I always regret it.

Mal said...

Congratulations on the water challenge!! You made it ;)

Becky B said...

I'm loving your wishes for this week. I was totally stuck on what to do but reading yours has inspired me. Especially making time for myself.
Thanks :)

Lix Hewett said...

I can relate to several of these. Good luck with your goals!

Susanne V. said...

I have a few of these as my secret goals this week. Good luck!