East vs. West: Land's End

Hello all! I am a little bit late in the game today, but life happens and what can you do? I am here now though and have another installment of East vs. West for you all! Today Abby and I are talking about our favorite hiking spots in our cities. There are a few places that I like to venture around in this big city by the bay, but my favorite by far is Lands End, on the west tip of the San Francisco Peninsula. It is called Lands End because it is quite literally where Quite (not) creative, right? At any rate, onward we go!

This is one of my most favorite spots in the city because it really has everything that I love: stunning views, the ocean, dog friendliness (and off-leash at that!), and beautiful nature. What's not to love?

My lovely friend, Ola, accompanied me here this past Sunday. It was great to show her a new part of the city since she moved here from Poland only a year ago, and have nice company along the way.

Have I mentioned it is one of this boy's favorite places too? He cries and whines once we reach the edge of the city because he just knows somehow that we are going here. He just runs and runs up the stairs and down the trails, looking back at me every few moments to make sure I'm okay. Then, of course, he is sound asleep, curled up in a ball in the backseat before I even pull out of the parking lot.

This unique hiking spot begins in a parking lot (duh) and takes you out onto a dirt trail, that winds through the woods, and spits you out on cliffs that overlook the ocean, like this one. There are many wooden stair cases leading to new places and adventures, and eventually down to the beach. In all honesty, I hardly ever know just where I am going in this place, and often end up somewhere new each time. It was particularly frustrating this time since I had a specific vision in mind for what kind of picture I wanted to paint of this place for you all. But, fate would not have it that way (and my silly lack of direction in this giant place), and I had to learn to just roll with it.

Though I sometimes have a hard time making it back to my favorite spots in this wilderness built into the side of the cliff, it just goes to show you how much there is to explore here, and I am always up for a new adventure :)

If there is any non-touristy spot I recommend in San Francisco, it is definitely this one. There is just no other one place that can give you a beach, a view of the Golden Gate Bridge & the ocean & the bay, the woods, and great hiking. I dare you to find one!

Definitely be sure to head over to Little City Adventures to see what kind of hiking Abby has in store for you, AND next week come back for a very special GIVEAWAY we are putting together to celebrate this wonderful series that has become a highlight of my week :)

Lix Hewett said...

Look at all those waves! And the dog! What a nice post.

Itbritt said...

I cannot believe that this is the end of your series already.
My heart is a little sad - to be honest.
I felt like the awkward third wheel on your project, and loved following around the two of you in your home towns.

Itbritt said...

P.S. I can't believe I lived so close and never went here!

abby - little city adventures said...

Ohmygosh I'm so jealous that you have an amazing beach side hiking area like this! I just get to hike beside muddy creeks and rivers. HA.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Actually, it is NOT the last week. There was a misunderstanding, and next week we are doing a lunch spot like you suggested, so... SURPRISE!! haha
I am so glad that you have loved this series and I have loved having you follow along :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Lix! It was a very happy outing.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Haha awww.... Yours was nice too! But thanks :)