The Thankful Project: Words

Hey guys! Happy Friday! Are you ready for the weekend? I sure am. Today I wanted to share with you something special that Kenzie over at Chasing Happy has come up with for the month of November: The Thankful Project. The Thankful Project is an awesome idea that challenges you to blog about something you are grateful every day this month. Today's topic is words.

If you have checked out my Pinterest page, you may have seen my board called "words." This board is so inspiring to me and I love the words I have pinned to it. But those are not ones I am most grateful for. These are:

I am grateful for these words in particular because they are actually words that were said to me, just for me. My mom said them to me over the phone a couple months ago in a heart-aching conversation. And for whatever reason, somehow, they calmed me and gave me peace. I knew right then that I needed to remember them, and quickly scribbled them down on a post-it and placed it above my desk, where I would see them every day. And that is what I do; I see them every day and they make me feel at ease.

Jamie Almeida said...

Hi Jess and fellow Merry Mail partner! Great post and uplifting words! Excited to exchange ornaments with you (: