NYC Adventures Part 2: The Highline + Chelsea Market

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, good food, and love! It always takes a few days to recover from Christmas, so I will get to that soon, but in the meantime, here's part two of my NYC adventures!

On our second day in New York, we started things off with brunch with one of Dai's friends and then explored Highline Park. This was by far the coldest day of our trip. I left the house that morning with slightly wet hair and it literally froze on our walk to the train. Luckily it thawed out and dried on our train ride :) It was also so windy that I thought was going to be blown over!

The Highline was quite a lovely place and I wish that I had taken more photos. Unfortunately, I was so cold that I wasn't very interested in photo taking and it prevented us from exploring as much as we would have liked. I will definitely be returning here though when I visit New York again, when it is a bit warmer ;)

We then took refuge from the cold in Chelsea Market, a place I had anticipating for quite some time.

There is just so much to see at Chelsea Market! A lot of it is food related, and we had just eaten, so we did return later on in our trip to try out some of it.

The fresh pasta was so interesting to me for some reason! I think it was the lovely colors and textures. Also, I got this cute little chocolate pudding jar from Sarabeth's and got to take the jar home with me, which obviously is the reason I bought it since you know I have an obsession with mason jar-like things. Duh.

I feel like a lot of these photos from our trip speak for themselves, so I'm just gonna let them do that and let your minds explore with them :)

abby - little city adventures said...

you're making me want to trek up to NYC for a weekend! I don't think it will happen until after baby comes but I'm keeping your posts handy for when I do plan a trip! Pretty photos as always jess :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

You and Seth should go for a weekend before the baby comes! You live so close! You could take the train or drive up and spend the weekend exploring while it is still just the two of you :) Thanks girlie!