Outfit // Lazy Sunday

Hello there! How is it Monday again? The weekend just never lasts long enough. Yesterday, though, Dai and I spent a nice, lazy afternoon in the downtown area where we live and relaxed in a lovely park there. We had never really spent much time at that park, but I think it is now going to be one of our new favorite spots.

Since it was just going to be a relaxing day, I decided to wear something comfy and just some light eye makeup to keep things simple. I thought I would share one of my "lazy Sunday" looks with you since not every day is a "all done up" kind of day. Real life, you know?
I found this dress hanging in my closet, where it has been since the end of last summer, and was so excited to pull it out! It is flowy and comfy, and all around nice to wear. It was also perfect for laying in the grass with Dai and Marly without having to worry that I was flashing anyone (ha!). 
Also, I saw these sandals at Target a week ago, but controlled myself and didn't buy them. Since I was still thinking about them an entire week later, I decided that I could treat myself and snatch them up. I am so glad I did! They're the comfiest sandals and I think they will be great for all my spring and summer adventures.
Well, as sad as I am to see a sunny weekend go, I am happy that I have a new week in front of me and the opportunity to make it better than the last (last week was pretty crummy). It is also my last week before spring break, so YAY!! And I have some family coming to visit during that time, so things are extra exciting! I can't wait to play tourist with them around the city and take them to all my favorite spots, which also means that you all will get to enjoy some new West Coast Love posts as a result :)

What's your favorite relaxing, lazy day look?

Dress // Marshalls
Jacket // American Eagle
Purse // Lucky Brand
Sandals // Target
Sunglasses // RayBan

Danica Pardini said...

I have a maxi skirt just like that but never thought to wear a denim jacket. Too cute!
Next time we go to the Bay Area......we have to hang out!! Have fun on your spring break!

Z K said...

Aw, this is so cute! Whenever I have lazy days, I'm immediately in old jeans and a band tshirt. No matter how comfy my skirts/dresses are, I can never wear them if I'm gonna be lumping around, haha.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks, Z! Haha I get you. When the weather is so nice, I just have to be in a dress or skirt! I do love some good jeans and a tshirt though!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

With a jean jacket is my favorite way to wear maxi skirts and dresses! Yes, we definitely need to hang out when you visit! When do you think you guys will be coming up next? Thank you! Just one more day of classes and I am free!!!

Danica Pardini said...

we go every year! we love it. my hubby was born in the bay area. his dads side of the family is originally from there. i grew up going every year with my parents as a child. always felt like home. so our souls see the bay as our second home. if it weren't for the majority of my family here in socal and our jobs....we'd probably move there. but for now, it's where we like to vacation.

by the way, do you have a blog button? i'd love to put it on my blog.

Itbritt said...

pssssh. "Don't know how to style skirts"
You look so cute. You just nailed it.

Jess // Foreign Room said...

You are the funniest. Technically this is a dress, so I think I cheated ;) You sure know how to make a girl feel special. Thanks lady!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

How fun! It is definitely a great place to visit! I think it may be a good choice not to move here since it is so expensive. I have started looking at rooms to rent for when I move out later this year and I just want to faint. And these are just rooms, so you can only imagine what homes cost. Sigh. But it sure is pretty here!

Danica Pardini said...

Yea I know, super expose once but we'd probably look for surrounding cities if we did move there. Plots of good places to raise families. Every year we go we actually stay in Danville and drove about 40-50 min to the city for fun.