Good to Go // I'm off to Japan!

Well guys, this is it, the day I have been waiting for three months to arrive: I'm finally off to Japan! In fact, as you read this, I will be (hopefully) fast asleep on an airplane, attempting to outsmart jet-lag. Though I have eagerly awaited this trip for months, I have hoped to one day make this trip with my best friend by my side for a few years, and have dreamed of seeing this vast world my entire life. This day has truly been 20 years in the making! I am elated to say the very least, and even a little bit nervous in the best way possible. I just can't believe this is happening!

So, now that I will be galavanting through Japan for the next couple weeks, what does that mean for this space? Well, things will actually be continuing on here without me! I have worked with a long list of fabulous ladies throughout the Blogosphere to organize a killer line-up of guest posts while I am gone. These gals will be talking about their travel tips & experiences, their hometowns, style, and life in general. You didn't think I would just leave y'all hanging while I am gone, did you?! I am so excited for you all to get to read their posts and grow to love them as much as I do!

Come back tomorrow to kick things off with Melyssa of The Nectar Collective!

Many hugs and kisses to you all! Now, I'm off to adventure.

Brianne said...

I can't wait to read more about your travels in Japan! Japan is my next big adventure (hopefully next year), so I'd love to see what you recommend.

Britt @ One&20 said...

Have a great trip!

Emily said...

Enjoy your trip!! I love that photo!

abbey deer said...

umm those shoes...i cant even.

but really, they are so cute!! great blog!