Guest Post // Let's Pack!

Welcome, friends! While I am off in Japan, I have collected a lovely team of bloggers to share a variety of guest posts about travel, fashion, and everything in between! I will be back from my adventuring soon, but in the mean time please enjoy these wonderful ladies :)

Today I have a guest post from Katie of Lublyou. She is one of my very first blogging friends & always puts a smile on my face. After reading her posts about a Russian girl's life in Idaho and the adventuring she is up to, I can't help but leave her blog feeling happier than when I arrived! I hope you love her as much as I do!

Hi, this is Katie from Lublyou (formerly Chestnut Mocha)!
Summer is getting closer and so are vacations and road trips! Here's my formula of an ideal wardrobe for a week-long city vacation. I usually I try to find things that I can combine into a few possible outfits.

1. Bottoms x 3: shorts, skirt, jeans.
2. Tops x 4: long-sleeve shirt, t-shirt, tank top x 2.3. Colder weather tops x 2: jacket, sweater.4. Shoes x 3: heels, flats, sandals/flip flops.
5. Dresses x 2: casual, evening.
6. Bags x 2: small and large (doubles as a carry-on!) All of these pieces can be easily mixed up into different outfits:Pack smart and travel light! I hope you find my tips useful. :-)

Chestnut Mocha said...

I love you, Jess! I hope you're having the best adventures ever in Japan!

Danica Pardini said...

Very cute outfits! I especially love those with the flora
And jeans. xo

Jess Boyd said...

Thanks for the tips! I always struggle trying to decide what outfits I want to wear before a trip and end up just throwing a lot of items in my bag and hoping for the best.

Laura @ Inspiration.Sparks said...

Those outfits are adorable!!!