Guest Post // I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Welcome, friends! While I am off in Japan, I have collected a lovely team of bloggers to share a variety of guest posts about travel, fashion, and everything in between! I will be back from my adventuring soon, but in the mean time please enjoy these wonderful ladies :)

Today we have Danica of Love, Danica making her debut here on the blog. I recently met Danica through a comment she left on a post, and we have hit it off ever since! I am so happy to call her one of my blogging friends and hope to even meet her one day here in the Bay Area, a place we both love.
the writer of this lovely blog happens to live in the bay area so i thought it would be fitting to write about how close san francisco is to both of our hearts. thank you jess for giving me the opportunity to guest's all about the bay area baby!

as a kid my parents would take me on a road trip to san francisco every year around spring break. they say children are like sponges and boy did i soak up all that city had to offer at the tender age of five. there is no wonder there are tons of songs written about this city, after all....doesn't everyone leave their heart in san francisco? my first trolley ride, being inspired by the diversity, music and food. being enthralled by the history of alcatraz, trying ghirardelli chocolate covered cherries, experiencing joy while approaching homeless people on my own with my half eaten sandwich, being scared by the infamous "bush man". i have countless memories of san francisco just visiting as a kid but i'm even more overjoyed now that my husband and i are making our own memories there.  my husband's family is originally from the bay area and although he grow up in hong kong (long story) he was born in concord, a little city surrounding san francisco. the fact that we both have so much history there makes it even more special. now my little family of two carries the same tradition and we make sure make the drive there every year and reunite our souls with the beautiful city by the bay. our lives are pretty settled here in southern california at the moment but hope to move there someday. you never know! here are just a few of our favorite things to do/places to see in our favorite city...
                                                               ^^bike riding through the palace of fine arts.^^
                               ^^our all time favorite place to visit. creepy. beautiful and historic. our cup of tea!^^
                                   ^^grabbing some food and enjoying the music and street performers at pier 39.^^
                                                           ^^we love you san francisco...see you in september!^^

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abby - little city adventures said...

Alcatraz island does sound like a lot of fun!!

Danica Pardini said...

It certainly is! Next time your in Sam Francisco...It's a must!