Taking Stock // Volume III

Here are little bits of my life lately...

Taking Stock (Vol. III)

making // Plans to relax.

cooking // Nothing. I don't really cook these days.

drinking // Hot wild sweet orange tea. I've also been really loving the iced mango green tea from Trader Joe's.

reading // This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I also read Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? while I was in Japan.

wanting // This week to be over before it has even begun.

looking // Forward to having a break soon.

playing // Michael BublĂ©. He makes me happy.

wasting // Time not studying.

wishing // I could spend the entire summer adventuring.

enjoying // Time spent reading and commenting on other blogs.

waiting // For the tub to fill up with hot water.

liking // Cookie butter. Oh. My. Dear.

wondering // What my new room and home will be like.

loving // How pretty all my washi tape looks stacked on my desk, even though I haven't used it for anything yet.

hoping // I do well on my finals this week.

marveling // At how our trip to Japan has already come and gone. Sad.

smelling // My lit gardenia lily candle.

needing // To cuddle.

wearing // Those brown sandals from Target every. freakin'. day. Starting to think I should get some new shoes.

following // My to-do list.

noticing // The pile of towels that need to be folded.

knowing // I should go get in the tub now to memorize some things for my art history test tomorrow while I'm in there.

thinking // About how lovely it would be to go on a beach vacation right now.

bookmarking // Things to do this summer.

opening // Mail. They're all just bills.

giggling // Because it's all I can do to keep myself from crying about finals.

feeling // Nostalgic and overwhelmed.