We're Home!

Hi guys! We're home! It's been a while, right? Dai and I arrived back in California on Tuesday morning. The trip home was a bit of a blur and it has taken me a little while to get back into the swing of things. My jet lag thankfully wasn't too bad, but it was definitely more difficult transitioning back to CA time than it was to Japan time! At any rate, here I am! Adventuring is wonderful, but it is always nice to come home too. And to come back to blogging! I have really missed crafting posts and am excited to tackle the task of organizing posts about our trip. I have no idea where to start!

Here's a little peek at what we were up to!

Wow, what a trip! We did as much as we could every day and it felt like we were there for a month rather than two weeks. We had a really wonderful time, to say the least!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the guest post series while I was away and also to those who read along! It's good to be back, friends!

Jennifer Kingaard said...

That cat is Bob's doppelganger.

Britt @ One&20 said...

Welcome home :)

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks Britt! It's good to be home!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Now that you mention it... I can see it! Definitely different disposition though ;)