Outfit // Polka Dot Days

Hi guys! It's been a few days... A few pretty busy days on my end... I've been doing my best to get our house in tip-top shape for selling time and working in between that. I finished my current nanny job for the school year and my summer position that I had been counting on fell through due to a change in hours, so here I am, currently jobless! I'm hoping to figure out something this week and am in contact with two families that seem promising. Stressful, but I'll get through it! In the mean time, at least I have a little extra energy to pour into the blog this coming week :)
So I suppose I should mention something about this pants. First and foremost, they are ridiculously comfortable. They're light and airy, but also have a soft quality to them. I also love the fun orange and polka dot combo. I don't usually tend to be too adventurous with pants and generally stick to jeans, but these were calling to me.

If I'm being truly honest, I almost didn't post these photos. I was worried that this outfit wasn't as flattering as I thought and that maybe I looked silly. But then I threw my hands up and said "Why the hell not!" I actually feel pretty good in this, maybe just because it is such a comfy outfit, and thought it would be fun to post something a little out of the ordinary here, even if they are just pants. Big thanks to one of my best friends, Kaitlin, for adventuring out with me to take these photos. Dai needed a day off ;)

Well, I just wanted to quickly check in to say hello and let y'all know I'm still here! Aside from spending time cleaning and organizing my house, I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished this week in blogland. I have recipes to test out and photograph, outfits to put together, adventuring to do, and other behind the scenes things to take care of. It would be awesome to have a whole week to entirely devote to blogging! Like a blogcation week or something. Or wait, if this could be my full-time job one day... :) That would be pretty cool!

I hope you have a beautiful and restful Sunday!

Outfit Details:
Pants // Uniqlo
Jacket // American Eagle
Tank // Old Navy
Wedges // Kohl's
Necklace // Lucky Brand
Bag // Madewell

Amber Indoe said...

Love those pants!

Jess // Foreign Room said...

Thanks Amber! I was shopping at a boutique yesterday and saw a pair that was almost exactly the same, so I must be doing something right style-wise, right? ;)