Things To Know About Dating A Japanese Boy

things to know about dating a Japanese boy, dating, Japanese
I don't think I really mentioned this here on the blog (definitely meant to write a post about it...), but Dai and I celebrated 3 years together back in August! I can't believe how quickly those 3 years have flown by and how many adventures we have been lucky enough to have together so far.

To me, what has in part made our relationship so interesting is that we are always learning new things about each other and our cultures. If you didn't know yet, Dai is Japanese and obviously I am American. Now, when I say that Dai is Japanese, I really mean that he was born there, but has lived here in the States since he was two-years-old. So, really, he was raised in the US, but still grew up in a very "Japanese" home and attended Japanese school on the weekends. He doesn't have a Japanese accent at all, but can fully speak and write in it. I tell him that he is basically Japanese-American but he hates that and insists he is just Japanese ;)

Thinking about these little things brings to mind what is unique about our relationship and what I have learned about dating a Japanese boy. Of course, there are always differences between people no matter who you date, but it is especially interesting when there are cultural differences as well.

Just for fun, I thought I would make a little list for your enjoyment of things that I have learned about dating a Japanese boy and things that I would maybe tell someone else who is doing the same :)

Note: This is meant to be read in a satirical fashion and not to be taken completely seriously ;)

+ They take great pride in Japan and aren't afraid to let you know why Japanese things are better than any others.

+ They take their karaoke gatherings pretty seriously and it is likely they will last no less than 3 hours. 95% of songs will be in Japanese, of course, and you will probably start to know some of them because they definitely repeat their favorites.

+ You will probably eat a lot of curry. And ramen.

+ Manga books are a big deal and it is normal to have an entire bookcase devoted to them, in addition to finding them in places like under the bed and in the closet.

+ They hate being cold and are strong believers in keeping themselves warm to ward off any sickness. Also, it is especially important to them to keep their stomachs warm, as it is believed to be the cause of tummy aches and other related things.

+ When hanging out with other Japanese friends, you will probably always meet at a Japanese restaurant, likely the same one every time. And you will stay there for hours.

+ Also, conversations will be a mixture of English and Japanese.

+ You will most likely have to eat a lot of foods that are outside your comfort zone.

+ They always bring gifts for those they are going to see on a trip, and always bring back gifts for those at home.

+ Things like hugging relatives may not be the family norm, but go ahead and do it anyway if you are feeling brave.

+ He will probably ask you if you guys can go to Japan every other day, even if you just recently went.

I hope you enjoyed this list and the little peek into our relationship. It was definitely fun to put together and to share with you all :)

Do you have any experience dating someone of a different culture? What have you learned about dating in general?

Jess said...

hahahah yessssss! all these things are so true of my husband, especially his Japanese pride and his need to bring gifts to people.

Jess said...

This was too cute :) Seth is the only guy I've ever dated so unless being a Ginger is considered a different culture I've never experienced that ha
And congratulations on 3 years! Seth and I celebrate 4 years of being together in January :)

Jess said...

That's so great! I'm glad that someone can relate :) Girl, I'm sure we have a lot to talk about! We have lots in common, but it makes me happy to know that we have that whole Japanese boy thing in common too :)

Jess said...

Awww that's pretty cute!! Haha yes, definitely write about dating/being married to a ginger ;) Thanks! Congrats to you guys too!

Jess said...

Hehe thanks! I wasn't sure if Dai would like it if I posted this stuff, but luckily he approves ;)

Jess said...

Uncle Jacob is from another planet. Does that count?