Life Snippets // 2

life snippets, life, winter, january, california, beach, new year, 2015
January has been quite the month and a great start to 2015! We started the month off with an adventure in Seattle to celebrate my birthday, and the month is ending with a new semester, work, and clean eating. It has been a pretty busy and long January! I got pretty sick, spent some time getting better, and had the longest winter break ever. No complaints here about that last one :) I have also been so blessed to be so loved on with dinners, lunches, a manicure, and thoughtful gifts to celebrate my birthday all month long!

Took my nephew Julien to the dog beach with us over the weekend! It was so fun, but definitely tiring to keep up with him all day. Dai is rethinking kids haha // I got the prettiest gel shellac manicure with my aunt // A Whole30 breakfast! // A super cute puppy I met!! // The beach on a foggy day // My boys <3 // A happy Friday feeling special, put together, & organized!
life snippets, life, winter, january, california, beach, new year, 2015
I've been working more on my additional college applications and planning for the next steps with that. A lot to consider! I've been pretty dedicated to Whole30 this month and I am so happy with my progress! I will be sharing more about that later this week :)

Julien knocked out as soon as I buckled him into his car seat after the beach! // Marly is the best little driving companion // I went to dinner with my dad (the night before starting Whole30!) to celebrate my 21st birthday and got my first piña colada! Yum yum.

Well, there's a little update for you all! I know I haven't been blogging so consistently this month, but I definitely want to get back into doing outfit posts more often and all around blogging more regularly!

Oh, also! Blog Buddies Network is going so well and is growing every day! We would love to have you join if you haven't already :)


Jess said...

Your nephew is so adorable! I do the same thing with my cousin, Wesley - Jake and I can never keep up with him though and he just turned 4! I'm glad your January has been going so well and that Whole30 is going great too! :)

Jess said...

I'm so proud of you for going so strong on whole30! You make me want to do it again! :-) Love following your second instagram account <3

Jess said...

Thanks Katie!! Yes, you definitely should do it again! Maybe we could even do it together :) Thanks for following along!

Jess said...

Thank you! Yeah, kids can be a handful to keep up with haha that's why we just borrow them and give them back ;)

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