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Happy Friday!! I love weekends so much. They are the best. Lucky for me, my weekends basically start Friday morning. You wouldn't believe how windy and rainy it has been all morning. I can hear it howling and zipping so loudly, which makes me not look forward to driving to work this afternoon. Despite the grey weather, it has been a mellow, yet somewhat productive morning. I did some blog reading, showered, got ready, took an online quiz for school, ordered some things I needed online, wrote some e-mails, and here I am with a little time to blog before I head to work.

This post has no specific purpose or point, other than to share things that have been on my mind or been going on in life and some things I have been loving around the internet :)

Random things:
+ I'm making plans for Valentine's Day! I never really cared much about Valentine's Day until being with Dai. He just makes me feel special and loved and I will take any holiday to celebrate that. I think we have decided that he will handle the plans second portion of the day and I will handle the first. I can't say too much about my plans just in case he reads this, but I will share our day here after :)

+ I've been trying to have the TV on less. Whenever I am home, I always have it on just for background noise so I don't feel alone, and while it can be entertaining, it can also sometimes be distracting. Instead, I've been trying to just turn on music and play it through my awesome Mini Jambox that Dai got me for my birthday! It sounds amazing and is also much more calming than the TV. Plus, I feel like I can really get things done with music on and like I haven't been wasting time as each TV show ends.

+ I've been considering cutting my hair and this post is such nice inspiration! I love this short, wavy style, but am not so sure I could pull it off. Hair is hard, guys.

+ I'm really excited to be meeting for the first time/having breakfast with Leah tomorrow now that she lives in the Bay Area! I don't have many girl friends around, so it will be nice to have another one to do things with and get some girl time in. As I've gotten a bit older, I have really started to appreciate friendships with other girls more and feel the need for them in my life. Blogging has actually really sparked that in me I think!

+ I LOVE this article about Shalyn + Drew Nelson. They are seriously the most adorable, funniest, crazy-in-love couple I know of. That's the life dream, I tell you.

+ I'm still on the hunt for an additional job, but I do have an interview with a family for a morning nanny/family assistant position, so wish me luck!

+ I really want to make this fresh mint iced coffee when I'm done with Whole30! It looks amaaazing!

+ Truth moment: our artificial Christmas tree is still up. Yep, you read that correctly. I bought the display tree from Target, but it didn't come with a box. We have been putting off figuring out what to do with it, so it is just standing there in the living room, naked. I'm thinking about decorating it for Valentine's Day though, because at this point what is one more week?

+ This list of ways to spend Valentine's Day at home is so great! Chelsea has some nice ideas.

+ Since the weather is pretty crazy, we are planning to make these Whole30 nachos (YUMMY!) and get all cuddled up on the couch to watch The Interview on Netflix. Isn't it kind of funny how it was released on Netflix so quickly after all the controversy about it? I guess we just have to see for ourselves what all the fuss is about.

+ This DIY almond milk made in a French press is brilliant! I've been missing almond milk since being on Whole30, but don't really want to buy any at the store because it is hard to find ones that are 100% compliant. Off to Amazon to order a French press!

+ I've been having fun crafting together a 2014 scrapbook. Creating a modern scrapbook has been on my to-do list for literally months. It will be so nice to have little memories from throughout the year all in one place to look at. I'm starting with a 2014 book, but then want to start an ongoing book of our travels! I think I will just keep adding "volumes" to that theme. We have so many photos from New York, Japan, Seattle, and more that are just sitting on my computer,  waiting to be printed. I think I will also try to tackle 2015 by making pages every month so I don't have to do it all at the end of the year!

Well, I'm off to work now! Have a fabulous weekend, lovelies!

Jess said...

wait, YES, you should cut your hair into a lob! it would look so great on you! and as long as it's shoulder length or longer, it's super easy to grow out from there, so it's not the worst thing in the world to grow out if you decide you want longer hair again. also I'm loving that Valentine's list, I better start making plans :) I had so much fun with you yesterday, let's do it again soon!

Jess said...

i just found your blog through leahs & am soooo happy i did! you are great! i just went through so many of your old posts haha, & i'm excited to have found a new blog to follow! oh & you should totally cut your hair like one of those pictures, it would look so good.