A Summer Bonfire

For the past several summers, something that has been on my list of things to do has been to have a bonfire. Something has always prevented us from actually planning one, but now I can proudly cross it off my summer bucket list this year! This past Friday evening, Dai and I finally had a bonfire at the beach with some friends and it was a great time :)bonfire-2
Our friends were the ones to actually plan it and invited us to join in on the fun, which is probably why it actually happened this time ;) At any rate, we had our fire on a small stretch of beach in Half Moon Bay, a little town nestled on the coast. I love that there are so many beach access spots tucked into neighborhoods, so when you get out of your car, you are surrounded by cute little houses and a nice view of the mountains. I just loved these tiny white flowers too!bonfire-4bonfire-5
It was a pretty cloudy day, but luckily it wasn't too cold. I kind of liked the gloominess, although it sadly didn't make for much of a sunset. There was something calming and quiet about this beach that made up for it though! Also, believe it or not, we were the only group of people hanging out on it!bonfire-6bonfire-7
We roasted hot dogs over the fire and filled up on other snacks too for dinner. And of course, we made lots and lots of s'mores for dessert! Side note: Replacing chocolate with a brownie bite in a s'mores is quite sinfully wonderful.bonfire-8bonfire-10
Another nice thing about this beach is that you can just dig a hole anywhere you would like and start a fire instead of having to fight other people for a fire pit. One time, we actually went to the beach to have one, but weren't able to because all of the fire pits were taken! It was such a bummer.bonfire-11bonfire-12
We stayed around the fire until nearly midnight, listening to music and laughing at silly things. Even though it took us forever to have a bonfire, it was the perfect way to kick off summer and I would definitely like to have them more often :)

Though it is technically not summer for another couple weeks, I am definitely feeling the summer spirit and want to do all the activities! Gosh I just love summer and having a nice break from school!

What is your favorite summer activity? Do you have any summer traditions?

Have a great week! Considering I don't have school, am going to take a teenage girl clothing shopping while I'm at "work," and I'm having a girls night with those lovely gals pictured above, it's off to a pretty great start :)