Currently // In November...

Well, it's November now. How did that even happen?! There's only one more monthly page left in my blogging calendar and there's a fresh calendar waiting for me to tackle the new year. I haven't blogged all that much this fall, but things have been good and I am still proud of this little space of mine. I have big goals and dreams for this blog, and am already so thankful for where this year has taken me.

I just wanted to take a moment to savor this month and season a bit with a little list of what I have been up to lately... So here it is!
Reading... Mostly blog posts! These days, I don't have much free time to read in general, so I feel pretty lucky when I can get in a few posts from my favorite blogs. Maybe soon I will be able to carve out some time for the books on my to-read list.
Playing... Catch up! It feels like I am always a few steps behind where I need to be. I'm working on it though!
Watching... The Mindy Project (not as good as it used to be), Casual (dark, but funny), Jane the Virgin (hilarious), 
Trying... To be productive! Lists help me, but I find my mind wandering and getting distracted to easily. Not great for a girl with lots to do!
Cooking... Chili! My favorite and the very best when it is cold out.
Eating... Plain Greek yogurt with honey & chia seeds.
Drinking... Caramel Brûlée Lattes! They are by far the best holiday drink. Happy they're back, controversial red cups and all! 
My mom a lot lately.
My girl Abby because she just gets me <3
Pinning... Things about blogging/business and design inspiration
Going... Home to San Diego for Thanksgiving to spend it with my dad and other family!

Loving... My new, cozy winter coat that my mom got for me when I went to visit her last weekend!

Hating... How cold it is in my house/room at night and in the mornings. Getting out of my warm bed is the worst!

Discovering... My love for hand lettering! I just wish I had more time to practice. I suppose it will be one of those things I focus on during winter break! (Along with finally making a scrapbook)

Thinking... Of planning a blogger event in the Bay Area for early next year... We shall see! (if you live in the Bay Area and would be interested in a blogger brunch or something, let me know!)

Feeling... Nervous for my portfolio review coming up in two weeks. There's still so much to do and perfect, and I'm a bit of a wreck about it all. Also, feeling ready for a break!

Hoping (for)... T
ime to actually plan/photograph/write a real blog post! I've been overwhelmed this semester and hate it.
Listening (to)... The Gilmore Guys Podcast. I'm obsessed. It's like re-watching each episode in my head! Plus, they make my commute/grocery shopping/homework way more entertaining :)

Smelling... Coffee as I sit here in Starbucks.

Ordering... Nothing unfortunately because #brokecollegestudent.

Thanking... God for taking such good care of me always, but especially this past year that I've been on my own. Feeling very thankful for all the ways I have been blessed.

Considering... Cutting my hair. I consider this very often, but never act upon it... Hopefully soon I will actually do something! I desperately need a trim at the very least.

Starting... To realize that the semester is so close to being over and that the holidays are just around the corner! It's exciting!

Finishing... This post so I can get started on my school projects. Wish me luck!

What have you been feeling, listening to, considering, etc? Share with me anything you'd like, friends! I hope you all are well :)

P.S. We went to Yosemite earlier this month and I am so excited to write some posts about that! So look out for those in the near future! I only have 1,200 photos to sort through first... :D