Halloween 2015!

Halloween has never really been my most favorite holiday and something that I have never cared to put much effort or planning into. I know, hard to believe for some people who absolutely love this holiday! My mom never really liked it, but she would reluctantly dress me up and take me trick-or-treating because my dad wanted us to have fun with it as a family. For a period of time when I lived with my grandma as a child, she wouldn't let me dress up or do anything to celebrate the holiday because she didn't believe in it. I will admit, I was pretty sad, but I got over it and never really cared too much about it after that. My dad did take me trick or treating and all that stuff later on when it was just the two of us living together, although I would say I wasn't as invested in the day like some other kids haha.
Anyway, fast forward to present day and it has been several years since I have dressed up or done something special for Halloween. I decided that this year, though, I was going to change that! I mean, if I'm not going to party a little bit on Halloween when I'm 21, when in the world will I ever? ;) We made plans to have a party with friends and I set off to come up with costumes for Dai and I. I don't really remember how this idea came to me, but I decided that I wanted to be Alice in Wonderland and that Dai could be whichever character from the movie that he wanted!

I was reluctant to purchase a costume online because of the sizing, but I bit the bullet, and thanks to Amazon Prime one day shipping on costumes, it arrived on Friday afternoon! All was well and it fit great, thankfully! In case you were interested for your own needs, I purchased this costume and this petticoat to give the skirt a fuller look. I already owned the shoes and got the tights & headband from Target. I was set!
The day before Halloween, I decided that Marly also needed a costume. After a bit of hunting, I went to PetSmart and all of their costumes were 75% off, which came out to be only $5! It was perfect and I had a hard time choosing between all of the costumes! I finally left the store with a hot dog costume (duh) and a bumble bee costume (because why not?!) And of course, I immediately took photos of him and posted them on Instagram :) I mean, isn't he just adorable??halloween-5
Dai was the Cheshire Cat and even though we put it together a little last minute, I think it was great! I painted the stripes on a plain white shirt (note to self: next time just glue strips of felt!) and I painted his face (with Crayola washable paint. I know, I'm the worst). Regardless, it all turned out great and we had a fun night :)

We stayed at my house to hand out candy to trick or treaters for a bit, but there didn't end up being that many that came to the door and apparently it is weird if a girl in an Alice in Wonderland costume stands in the driveway with her Cheshire Cat boyfriend and barking dog to hand out candy, so that was a bit underwhelming you could say haha. The party was a lot of fun and it made it even better that Marly got to come along all dressed up in his bumble bee costume :)

I was debating whether or not to share about our Halloween, but I decided that this blog is a great place for me to document my memories, so here we are :)

Did you do anything for Halloween? What did you dress up as? Do you like this holiday?