5 Ways to be More Responsible in 2016

With a new year upon us, it is a nice time to reflect on ourselves and ways we can improve on various things. I think it is important to do that from time to time! I know that it definitely helps me to be more intentional about the things I am doing and where life is taking me.

One of the things that I know that I can be better at is being responsible with some things. I know a lot people can probably relate with this on some level, so I thought I brainstormed a little list of ways to improve  I, like many people, could work on being more responsible with some things.

+ Keep your word & do what you say you will
This is such an easy thing to slip up with, but is also such an important one to stick to! You don't want people to doubt your word by not following through on what you say that you will do. This is an especially good habit to be in when working with others or when people are relying on you!

+ Be on time with things
Being on time with completing projects, paying bills, and even just showing up to places is great habit to be in. It is an awful feeling to be rushed or to have to apologize for being late in getting something to someone or showing up to dinner with a friend. Set your clock 10 minutes ahead, give yourself extra driving time, carve out time to just focus on a task--do whatever you need to do!

+ Don't be lazy
There are definitely days that I would much prefer to just stay in bed for an extra half hour or spend a little too much time watching TV or browsing through Instagram, especially when I know that I have a list of things to do waiting for me. But, getting myself up and going is the best thing I can do. Even though it isn't always fun, I definitely feel much better at the end of the day when I know that I have made the most of my time and accomplished things!

+ Be organized
This is a big one that will help you with all of the rest! If you are organized, everything will run much more smoothly and you will be ready to tackle everything you need to accomplish. Maybe organization is for you is writing out a to-do list, keeping everything written in a planner, setting reminders on your phone, or getting your things ready at night for the next day. I am a big fan of all of these things, though lately I haven't been utilizing them as best as I could be.

+ Be smart & think before you act or speak
I know that for me, I am often quick to react to things and sometimes I don't always say or do what I think is actually best in that situation. I also don't have the most patience in the world and can often be sassy, so this is a good thing for me to keep in mind. It is important to take a moment and think through what you are about to do!

Wow, it is amazing how helpful it is for myself to write out advice that I would give someone else about being more responsible. It is definitely a great reminder and I am excited to keep these things in mind all year!

I hope this was helpful to you in some way. I'm sure we can all work on one or more of these things :)

Have a lovely weekend!!