From the Drafts // Hiking with Leah

Every time I look through my drafts folder, I think "wow, I should really post this!" or "why did I never finish this and post it?!" and I decide that I will make a post series of forgotten posts in my drafts folder, but I never do. Well friends, today is the day that changes! So enjoy this post from last March that I, for whatever reason, never hit the publish button on...
This past weekend, I met up with Leah of The Ordinary Snowflake (edit: now Leah Joan) for a hike in Marin County! I wanted to show her somewhere new in the Bay Area, so we decided to check out China Camp State Park. It was a lovely spring morning here in Northern CA, perfect for a little hike!hiking-2hiking-3
At China Camp there are several trails to choose from and many people like to mountain bike here. I've never been much of a mountain biker (read: have never mountain biked ever in my life haha), so we just stuck to walking through the trails. It is definitely nice to have a hiking buddy, but really, it's just nice to have a new friend in Leah! She is all around pretty awesome! I love that she is such a great person to talk to and is so very intelligent. She always has something thoughtful to add to the conversation! I also like that we have both been interested in nutrition lately, although she is definitely more well researched than I am!
hiking-6hiking-7Hello from me, that goofy girl waving! It is so nice to be able to spend some time outside in the sunshine! Unfortunately, it has been pretty chilly and a bit gloomy since this day, so I am glad we took advantage of the nice weather while we had it!
After hiking a bit over two miles, we decided that it was time to move on to the next event: lunch! Let's be real, food is what we are really into haha. We drove just a ways down the road to Sol Food for yummy Puerto Rican food. It was a nice place to relax after our hike and enjoy some delicious house-made drinks (sparkling limeade & mango orange iced tea oh my goodness...).

That was actually a legitimate, pretty much complete post! Why or why did I never publish it? I will never know, but at least it is now out there and not just left to die in my drafts folder :)

If I were to add something, I would say that I hope to go on more hikes as the weather gets nicer! That still definitely holds true for this year too :) The only bummer now is that Leah moved to Utah last month, so it will be a while before we get to hike together again... Although, you know I love an excuse to travel ;)

Do you like the idea of sharing old drafts that never got published? Do you also hoard drafts in your folders?

Have a great weekend, friends!