Happy List // 15

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When life gets busy, it is easy to just think about all the stuff that is causing you stress and your never ending to-do list. Busy or not, I think it is always important to remember and take note of all the good things happening in life, even if they are small and simple :)

Here is my current happy list:
+ Wearing my big sun hat to the dog park.

+ Green tea soft serve ice cream.

+ The fact that we are exactly one month away from summer break! Oh my goodness.

+ Museum dates with my guy.

+ Sprinkles Cupcakes, especially the dark chocolate with sprinkles and the salted caramel.

+ The idea of spending summer by the pool. Pretty excited that my nanny family has one in their backyard!

+ Luxury movie theater seats that recline. Movie watching will never be the same.

+ Costco trips with Dai.

+ The fact that The O.C. is now on Hulu. Long live Seth Cohen and baby Rachel Bilson.

+ Sitting on the grass talking and eating lunch with design friends between classes.

+ Mini golf with my nanny kids.

+ The free resume building site that has been a lifesaver in helping me create mine! Probably one of the best things I've discovered in a long time.

+ Breaking out my spring clothes.

+ Spring morning walks to Starbucks with Marly (and Dai occasionally!).

+ The lovely, sunny week we have been having!

+ Taco Tuesday.

+ Blogging again!

What's been making you happy lately?

I am really looking forward to the weekend! On Friday I am heading out to see my mom overnight since it is her 50th birthday! It will be nice to spend some time with her and celebrate. The rest of the weekend will be spend with Dai, probably alternating between relaxing and working my booty off on homework! The end of the semester is so close! I just need to hang in there!