The Busy Bee Update // 2

I have been on summer break now for 4 weeks and I am just now sitting down to finally write a blog post. I know you are probably wondering what in the world could now be keeping me from blogging now that school has ended. Well, let me just start by saying this: life has been quite the wonderful whirlwind!

Let's see...what have I been up to?
I went out of town for two weeks with my dad and took a road trip from Illinois to California.
The day after I finished school, I headed out to Illinois to help my dad and his siblings clean out their 92-year-old aunt's house since she unfortunately passed away in April. I had not been to my dad's hometown in 6 years, so it was nice to visit again and see some extended family. While I was there, we were very busy trying to sort through my aunt's belongings and clear the house out so it could be put up for sale. It was really bittersweet being at her house, but it was good closure and I really enjoyed getting to know her more simply through all of the things she had. She and her late husband built that house and had lived there since the 1950s, so as you could imagine, there were tons of things buried in there. I found many vintage treasures and am happy to have those momentos to remind me of her.

During the second week of my trip, my dad and I drove from Illinois back to California. I had never done a road trip like that, so I was very excited for this adventure with my dad! We left Illinois on Sunday and ended in San Diego late Thursday night. We took our time getting home and stopped along the way in Missouri, New Mexico, Arizona, the Grand Canyon, and Las Vegas. I will definitely be posting more about that very soon, but it was such a fun trip!

I started a summer internship!
Two days after I got home to the Bay Area, I started an internship at a company called RingCentral. I am working in the marketing department (no, nothing design related) and have really been loving it so far! I just finished my second week and it has been a fun new experience. I have made lots of friends with the other interns from various departments and I am enjoying the team I work on. I am still nannying in the afternoons though, so between the two jobs I am working 50 hours per week. It has been really great and fulfilling, but I am definitely tired at the end of the day!

I'm figuring out where I will be moving to in the next month or so.
Along with all these fun things going on, I also have to deal with the not so fun task of figuring out where I am going to be moving to. So far I haven't found any great options, so it has been a little disappointing. I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but I know everything will work out one way or another!

I've been enjoying my weekends and evenings completely free of homework!
Aside from everything else, I have been simply enjoying my evenings and weekends that have left me free to relax, go places, and just hang out worry-free! It is so nice not to have any school assignments hanging over my head! I have been hanging out with friends more and have lots of things lined up on my summer bucket list. I am definitely soaking up every moment of this freedom before school starts back up again in August!

I am currently at Blue Bottle Coffee in Palo Alto with Dai and we are having a lovely summer day out and about! We are sitting outside at this public workspace and it is so nice! I wanted to use this relaxing time to quickly write a post to check-in and update you all on what's been up with me. I haven't abandoned this blog, I promise, and look forward to finally writing all these posts I have drafted in my head :)

Have a wonderful weekend!