Happy List // 16

Slowly easing into Monday with a little happy list...
+ The sound of the fountain outside my bedroom window.

+ Coffee dates at Blue Bottle in Palo Alto when we sit outside in the courtyard and work on things.

+ Trips to the pool.

+ Grilling all the things.

+ Sunday brunch with friends.

+ Hanging out with Dai and the 7-year-old girl I nanny for.

+ The tiredness that you feel after entertaining said 7-year-old all day.

+ Hitting my Fitbit goals.

+ Good morning kisses.

+ Taking walks to the frozen yogurt shop.

+ My new Macbook Pro!!! It was definitely an investment, but I love it and I love believing in myself.

+ The fact that we have so many light blue items in our house.

+ My newly dyed blue hair

+ Trips to Target with Dai anytime.

+ Making Halloween/pumpkin carving plans already.

+ Phone calls with my dad.

What's on your happy list?

I hope everyone has a great week ahead!