Happy List | 20

I've been spending a lot of time alone lately, but it has actually been pretty good for me. I've had some moments to reflect on how life has been going and its just all around bee nice to have a little space alone with my thoughts. During this time, I decided a new happy list was due!

Here's my latest happy list:

+ Finally getting around to hanging things on my walls after living in my apartment for two years

+ Working from home so often #introvertsdream

+ My morning breakfast protein shake

+ Joining a wine club at a super cute winery

+ Adventure days with Dai

+ Finding cute new shirts at Nordstrom Rack

+ Watching Queer Eye and also crying every episode without fail

+ Photography gigs and freelance design work that's been coming my way recently

+ Going places with Marly just because

+ Having my super loud bathroom fan replaced with a very quiet one (and the maintenance guy fixing other things for me!!)

+ Easily flying with Marly now that he is an ESA

+ Trips to HomeGoods with friends

+ The cheap pool float I found at Walmart

+ The comfy cheap pajama shorts I also found at Walmart

+ Feeling a little bit better about myself

+ Long phone conversations with my dad

+ Working by the pool in the afternoon

+ Seeing Dai have a wonderful time in Japan

+ My guilty pleasure, Below Deck Mediterranean

+ Spending the 4th of July with my friends that have become my family

+ Our new taco holders that have changed the game of hard shell tacos at home

+ The fact that our Palm Springs anniversary/birthday trip is only a few weeks away

+ Though I love coffee, NOT drinking as much lately or feeling the need to go to Starbucks

+ My 12-year-old nephew coming to visit me for a long weekend

+ My shorter hair, especially in this heat

+ Getting recognized at work for something good I did

What has been making you happy lately?

I'm so ready for the weekend! I'm having dinner with my cousins, Dai is coming home from Japan, we are going to a wedding celebration, and we are having dinner with friends. It will be a good time!