Happy List | 21

As always, life has been busy. But it has also been really, really good. 

Here's my latest happy list:

+ Trips to the winery that we are members at (especially when friends can come along!)

+ Going for walks at our favorite trail along the creek

+ Morning coffee dates at a local outdoor coffee shop

+ Dinners out with my coworkers

+ Seeing the sunrise when I drive to the gym in the morning

+ The anticipation of our trip to Hawaii (less than two weeks away!!)

+ The signs of fall present in my neighborhood now

+ Going to book club on Halloween night and meeting new people

+ Our Halloween tradition of going to Chipotle in costumes for free/discounted meals

+ One Bars (maple donut and peanut butter pie are my favs)

+ My new ridiculously comfortable mattress

+ Working from home three days in a row last week

+ Having dinner at my friend Nathalie's house and making plans for a fun project we are working on together

+ Marly in his donut cone

+ Sheet masks from Whole Foods

+ Watching Gilmore Girls with Dai (it's the best and makes my heart so happy)

What has been making you happy lately?

There are fires happening north of the Bay Area, so all of the Bay Area is currently filled with smoke. It has been kind of crazy, actually. Looks like we will all be staying inside as much as possible until further notice!