Fort Funston...and the US Open

             One of our favorite places is Fort Funston. It sits on the edge of San Francisco, right across from Lake Merced, where the US Open just happened to be taking place this week. Oh goodness getting there was a pain. I didn't realize that golf course it was right there. After be rerouted a few times on our breezy drive up the 1, we finally made it. Fort Funston used to be a military fort to defend San Francisco, but they realized they didn't actually need it. Plus when ever they fired off cannons, it cracked the foundations of the nearby homes with its force. On top of being something like 2 million dollars a pop. Now it's a playground for dogs to explore. Yesterday was a perfect day to go. It was grossly hot at our house, and after work, all I wanted to do was escape to the cooler city.
Marly made a friend. He was rather spastic, I might add.
               Fort Funston is a wonderful place. It has (usually) clear beautiful views of the city and the tidy gridded streets of the Sunset District with Sutro tower and the Golden Gate Bridge peaking out from being the hills. Dogs run all around on a trail that leads down to the beach, where they frolic near the water. Most times we hike the loop. We take the paved trail down to the beach, saying hello to all the dogs and humans along the way. Marly runs ahead of me and looks back every so often to make sure I'm doing okay. Once on the beach, we walk and run along near the water, letting the waves chase our feet. Marly doesn't like ocean much. I don't blame him. Who wants rushing water coming at you when you are that tall? But we do have a game we like to play. We run into the tide being sucked out, then sprint back up to dry land when the waves come rushing back for us, squealing the entire time (okay, I'm the only one squealing). He loves it. When I take a break and sit down in the sand, I sometimes catch little Mar boy playing it by himself. Cracks me up every time. We walk south until we hit the dreaded log staircase that takes us back up to the parking lot. I hate this staircase with a burning passion. It is at awkward intervals for my short legs (I'm only 5'1") and it couldn't be any longer. The experience is way worth the pain of those stupid stairs though :)


                This dog looks a lot like my sister's dog Phoebe! She also has similar markings as Marly (like Phoebe). This dog is 10-months-old and named Suri :)

                  If you're ever in the city and have a dog, this place is a must! It is our favorite place to go to when the weather is nice. Great people and great dogs! What could be better?

                Hope you guys are having fun beating the heat! I'll be off kayaking with my dad today for father's day :) Let's hope we don't tip over...