This is Blackie. She is a very shy cat. I am house sitting for my used-to-be teacher and taking care of his cat. All she does is hide from me though! Finally caught her long enough to let me pick her up and snap a photo. Then back under the bed she went. Today my best friend Kaitlin and I spent the day at this little SF house reading and laying in bed and napping and eating good food. It was a much needed day of relaxation. Too bad I had to go to work and cut our day short.

Tomorrow I am going to a "denim roadshow" for the clothing company I work for! I am actually pretty excited. Apparently it's kind of an honor that I was invited (I'm my store's best seller, you know) since only managerial people usually get to go. I think it should be fun. I get to meet the famous designers and they will present the new denim coming and explain the new fall line. We also get to try it all on! I've got to dress to impress the designers in all my company swag! I have everything all laid out and ready for the morning. I have to get up at 4:45am so that we can meet at the store at 6am and be up in San Francisco by 7 -_- I am definitely not a morning person. Anyway, I know it's just retail and all and really not that big of a deal, but I think it's kind of cool to be let into the special club and it's something that I will probably remember getting to do long after my days with the company :)