Let's do lunch.

 Today was just one of those days. It was a going out to lunch with your dog kind of day; one in which you don't mind not being in the company of other humans. Marly is usually enough human for me. We have a little spot in a cute downtown area where we like to share the lunch special at a pizza place and sit outside, enjoying the sun and passing people. That Marly is a crowd pleaser. Oh how the ladies swoon at his shy wagging tail and kind eyes. We completed our outing with some blueberry-pomegranate frozen yogurt, which promptly fell off its cone as soon as it was placed in my hand. And I also walked down the street barefoot. I gave up on my flats, which had failed me and killed my feet. I suppose I can blame it on my 7am trek through downtown San Francisco this morning in my wedges for the denim roadshow. The flats just picked up where they left off, not wanting to leave the job unfinished.
Oh and then my dog ate some chocolate bars. And threw up on four occasions. And I almost took him to pet ER. Except it was going to be roughly $250. Which I don't have. Luckily I was able to calculate how much he ate and he was way below the toxic threshold for his weight. Thank goodness. Now I'm just keeping an eye on my sick little mischievous pup and hoping that he recovers in one piece.