Wearing hats and sewing seeds.

             So, remember when I went to the farmer's market the other day? Well, I also got this lovely hat! I stumbled upon a very kind woman selling her handmade beanies from behind a little table as I was walking to get an ice cream cone. I just love the colors and decided it was a must-have for fall and winter. Perfect. Love it. I love supporting local artists! (If you consider knitting/crocheting an art...?)
       I also came across a table selling hand sewn dresses, totes, and little bags from Tanzania. This great organization called Sewing Seeds of Change teaches women in Tanzania to sew and sells the things that they make. They are paid to make these things and the money that is made from these items is then given back to their community to help send children to school, ones that would not otherwise be able to without the sponsorship given by these funds. The dresses were really cute, but I decided to buy this little pouch to support them in some way! I believe this is a wonderful concept, one that could really make a huge difference in the lives of many. Just think of all the children who will now be educated, and the families that are supported by this craft. Pretty amazing. I urge you to visit their shop here and pick something up for yourself or a gift!

P.S. Tonight I decided to organize and edit my photos through iPhoto and Photoshop on my MacBook instead of PC, and HOLY MOLY it was frustrating! I lost about half of my sorted photos and have to redo a bunch of them :( I need to go take a class on this Mac contraption. Not good.