The Haight

 I explored the Haight this weekend! It was grand. The above photo is from Buffalo Exchange, a place to buy and trade used clothing. I excitedly brought a few bags of my clothes in hopes of getting a little cash for them and patiently (or patiently for me) waited until it was my turn for my precious clothes to be appraised. The guy quickly went through my stuff and announced that I had nothing of their interest. What a waste of time. I was not pleased. I don't think I will lug my stuff up there ever again. Off to Goodwill they go!
After our 'successful' time at BE, I decided I needed some coffee. I was sluggish from working that day and I just wanted to sit in a cute coffee shop and drink out of a real mug and pretend that I was an uber urban gal who lived just down the block and came there all the time. You know, and bring my MacBook? I ordered my drink for there, but alas, it came in a to-go cup and I was quite disappointed. I decided there was no need to stay any longer and that they could keep their cute mugs and Mac using people. I'm from the Peninsula, not the city.
           Oh but then we discovered this gem and my faith in the Haight was renewed! It's the Goorin Brothers Hat Shop. Never have a seen a store quite so cool. Hats of every style and era. Women's hats, men's hats. Floppy hats, small hats. And feathers everywhere to add a little flair to whichever you choose. I wanted to spend hours in here finding the perfect hat for me. It felt like I had traveled back in time in this little shop. I will definitely go back because now I must find myself a splendid hat!

            I cannot just walk by a bookstore and not go in. Especially an independent one. This place was pretty cool. By the time we reached this place, I was not much in the mood for walking anymore and my brain was a little too overwhelmed to actually look at the books, but there seemed to be a good selection of mainstream and underground ones (do those labels only work for music...?). Found a map of SF. I love maps.

           All in all, if you love vintage or secondhand things and people watching (definitely some good ones here), then the Haight is the place for you, my friend.

P.S. IT IS MY BEST FRIEND'S BIRTHDAY!! A special shout out to my girl Tatiana, who I'm sure had a beer and a fish taco for me on the beach in Mexico today on her 18th birthday. That lucky girl is on a cruise. Can't wait until she gets back so we can celebrate and hang out! Miss that girl.
Happy birthday, Tots! Love you so much!