This is what happens at 12:30am.

So, this may look like nothing to you, but it's kind of a big deal to me and Marly. Whenever I am chopping food, Marly always stands at my feet waiting for me to give him his share. I toss it to him, expecting him to catch it, but he always just lets it smack him in the face and looks scared. Last night though, we actually taught him to catch food! My friend and I were bored and eating sesame sticks and thought it would be funny to try to teach Mar to catch them by opening up his mouth and tossing them in. Never thought it would work, but it did! I was pretty amazed. Of course, today he went right back to letting things smack him in the face, but hey, it's a start!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a busy week ahead and some cool things planned for the blog, so hang in there :)

P.S. Please excuse the poor iPhone video size!

Katherine said...

i TOTALLY get why this exciting! when we got my corgi to catch food (he did the same thing your dog did for a long time) it was amazing. he got a LOT of chex mix that night because we couldnt stop feeding him. that's awesome - way to go Marly!